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101 Collins Street

101 Collins Street is a premium office building in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant CBD. The iconic skyscraper hosts over fifty tenants, thousands of individual pass holders as well as hundreds of contractors and fit-out workers every day. 

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101 Collins

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With these Workflows, we’re more aware of what is going on in the building
Sam Wilson
Operations Manager

101 Collins Street is a premium office building in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant CBD. The iconic skyscraper hosts over fifty tenants, thousands of individual pass holders as well as hundreds of contractors and fit-out workers every day. 

Overseeing the daily operations and maintenance of a premium commercial asset like 101 Collins Street whilst meeting tenant needs is no small task. 

Meet Sam Wilson, Operations Manager at 101 Collins Street. Sam’s team has been using Sine Core since 2016 and Sine Workflows since 2020. 

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We spoke with Sam to learn how Sine Workflows has helped transformed her work. By digitalising processes, she saves time and boosts productivity while contributing to achieving safety, security, and tenant experience goals. All whilst impressing auditors. 

5 ways 101 Collins Street uses Sine Workflows  

1. Streamline tenant communications

(Time saved: approximately 2 hours per day.) 

Previously, tenant requests came via in-person discussions, countless emails, and by updating spreadsheets. Using Sine Workflows, the 101 Collins Street team have centralized and streamlined the submission process with a specialized Workflow for each kind of request. 

“Today, tenants can request a new access card or notify building management of an internal event by filling in a short online form [a Workflow],” Sam begins. 

“Relevant stakeholders are automatically notified. Next steps can quickly and easily be actioned, tracked, and reviewed – there is no need to coordinate meetings during working hours or chase responses.” 

The process was quickly adopted by those on site. The first three months saw over 1,100 Workflow submissions. 

“We would never have had this level of visibility or communication before, and we would never have had the time for 1,100 meetings. With these Workflows, we’re more aware of what is going on in the building, and we’re better able to ensure that contractor’s needs are known and addressed.”  

2. Simplify compliance and maintenance processes  

More efficient permit processing

(Time saved: 4 hours per day) 

Before implementing Sine Workflows, one of the day guards in the control room would be busy processing permits. 

“Permits would be processed on the day that they were required – while the contractor was waiting on-site.” This process proved costly, with contractors “paid to sit and wait.” Sam recalls, “If one guard was called away, queues would build in the control room and on-site contractor activity would stall, reducing on-site productivity and efficiency.”  

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Sam notes: “92% of permits are now submitted more than 24 hours in advance – and they’re not submitted from site. Overnight guards can now process them in the evenings when activity on-site is low.” 

“This gives us the ability to achieve so much more with the same number of staff.” 

Faster visual inspections and no paper forms  

Pre-Workflows, the 101 Collins team relied on paper forms for visual equipment inspections. Contractors would have to collect, fill, and return forms to the control room before starting work. A lengthy process. Forms were sometimes lost, damaged, or forgotten altogether. 

Sam now uses Sine Workflows to strengthen compliance processes and improve contractor productivity. “We have attached QR code stickers to every piece of equipment and machinery on site.” 

“Contractors scan the QR code, and this directs them to a visual inspection Workflow. They answer 5 quick questions, and they can start work.”  

Each submitted Workflow is securely stored in Sine Workflows’ online dashboard; there’s no longer any need to worry about – or chase – paper forms. 

Improved communication with the maintenance team

When it comes to on-site machinery and equipment, Sam states: “Sine is now our register. With these Workflow forms, we can manage compliance requirements and communicate more effectively with our maintenance team.” 

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“Our maintenance team is now better prepared; they arrive on site knowing what they need to do, and we save ourselves a second visit to site from maintenance every time that they are due on-site.” 

3. Wipe cleaning inspections off the to-do list  

“For 30 years, team members at 101 Collins Street struggled to find the time to complete cleaning inspections,” Sam confesses. “These inspections were really important – they helped us ensure that our cleaning contractors were meeting their KPIs - but there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything.” 

When faced with an overwhelming to-do list and a lack of time, “what felt like the least urgent task – oftentimes cleaning inspections - had to be deprioritized.” 

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“Now, all team members have a cleaning inspection Workflow saved on their phone,” Sam concludes. “In minutes, contractors can be notified of areas requiring their attention, with photos, priority levels and additional information included. Tasks are automatically logged against the contract when the contractor approves the Workflow.” 

4. Automate end-of-month bookkeeping tasks

(Time saved: at least one full day a month) 

When asked about a task that she disliked pre-Workflows, Sam responds quickly: “the end of month process.” 

“I would spend hours at the end of each month manually entering chargeable expenses into our accounting system. And then I would need to sit down with our accounts team to discuss.”  

Sam and the Honeywell Sine implementation team use Sine Workflows and webhooks to automate this task. “Now, anything that is chargeable is automatically sent to our accounts team, with additional information included.” 

“Sine Workflows has saved the end of month for me.” 

5. Improve audit readiness 

“Honeywell Sine software has helped us pass 5 audits so far – with flying colors." 

She adds that - despite looking simple - the reporting dashboard “covers all the bases” for auditors. 

Honeywell Sine brings visitor check-in and workflow submission data together in one secure, online location. Searchable and accessible remotely, it makes site management and audit preparation much easier for Sam and her team. 

She tells us: “The auditors are impressed with its simplicity. So many systems give over complicated reports which make audit time more complicated than it needs to be.”  

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