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City of Burnside

The City of Burnside feel Sine is an easy to use system which has streamlined the induction and entry processes for visitors.

City of Burnside


Favourite feature

Reporting abilities


Adelaide, AUS

Our experience with Sine has been extremely positive. It is an easy to use system which has streamlined the induction and entry processes for visitors to the Council.
Matthew S
Group Manager, People & Innovation

Improving the customer experience

Before using Sine, the City of Burnside Council were using a sign-in book to manage the organisation's privacy and security. This system proved not only to lend an archaic aspect to their reception area, but privacy issues were a huge concern. Anyone checking in or out of the council could see who was currently/previously on site, including their private details as well as who they were there to see.

The Council had a focus to eradicate paper-based trails in search of a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Since adopting Sine, time management and customer experience have been greatly enhanced. The front desk no longer focuses on signing each visitor in. They are now able to focus on those visitors that need extra help without the lines filling the atrium.

Visitor check-in has proven to be fast and turning on host notifications means visitors are greeted by the person they are there to see, adding professionalism to the customer experience. Waiting time has been significantly reduced.

Lastly, all important WHS requirements have been incorporated into check-in. Now visitors are required to confirm they have seen the WHS forms, noting evacuation meeting points before being able to check in. It has been a win-win to add visitor records that are viewable only to those with administrative permission.

“Sine has been great for removing the paper-based sign in option which we used previously. It provides a better customer experience, is faster at alerting staff when a visitor arrives, eliminates the old paper sign in method, and assists the Council in meeting WHS induction requirements for visitors.”

Successful implementation

Whilst all features have been well received, there are a few that stand out in Burnside’s eyes: reporting capability for hosts, types of visitors, the ease of adding or changing hosts, the capability to sign visitors in, and the different sign in methods. Sine’s 24/7 online help and web chat services has also been helpful as well as the flexibility of online site up.

Sine’s in-depth reporting system allows Burnside to see at a glance; how many people are checked in, what type of visitor they are, and who they are here to see. Considering the large staff size, the ability to add or remove hosts at the click of a button has also been a huge benefit. It’s not just the staff size that is large at Burnside. Visitor and contractor check-in is constant, so multiple platforms of check-in means no one is left waiting.

If something happens that they don’t understand, Burnside love the ability to contact Sine immediately, whether it’s via our help desk tutorials, or our online chat. It’s that same online accessibility that has made it so easy for Burnside to set up their site with Sine, and keep everything running with smooth ease.

City of Burnside