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Sine enabled Goodman to have greater real-time visibility of their workforce so that they could better service their customers.

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Sine has enabled us to have greater real-time visibility of our workforce so that we can better service our customers in Goodman properties. Implementing Sine was one of the smartest decisions we’ve made in property management.
Reymond K
Operations & Risk Manager

Goodman favours instant notifications to hosts and real-time visibility for check-ins

Before coming to Sine, Goodman were using paper-based sign in/out forms to manage contractors. With no real-time notification and visibility, building managers were struggling to keep track of when contractors were meant to be on site. Trying to collate the information filled out by contractors post site visit also created an administrative burden on the team. Implementation was undertaken with pilot sites, and then a staggered release across different portfolios, spanning across 5 states.

“Sine Pro provides real-time visibility to our building managers of contractors working at Goodman properties with its geofencing feature and reporting. Implementing Sine means that the team knows when contractors were on site and what work was being undertaken.”

The first step in setting up Sine for Goodman was to determine what would be the best use for them. Considering the diversity of sites and locations, the choice was easy. Geofencing, combined with the use of the free Sine Pro mobile app, solved the problem of tracking who was actually on site and for how long. Contractors have to be on site in order to sign in and automatic notifications are sent out the moment they leave, allowing Goodman to align the figures with what was in contracts and invoices.

Sine’s powerful reporting system was also brought into play, providing Goodman with information at a glance as well as csv downloads of all records. The online data and Sine search functions eased the administrative burden on the team and allowed them to do what they do best, focus on the customer.

“Whilst the system is already great, the team at Sine is even better. The adoption of Sine is literally trouble-free thanks to great support from the Sine team.”

Geofencing helps to keep track of contractors and monitor their attendance

A big part of Sine’s appeal for Goodman is our geofencing. It’s what allowed them to solve their main concern with managing contractor attendance and has the biggest appeal. Having information at their fingertips with Sine’s online dashboard and powerful reporting suite are also considered highlights.

Goodman also favours Sine’s instant notification system to hosts, as it allows real time visibility for check-ins. Lastly, the simple and intuitive portal of the mobile app has been a big plus, making it simple and easy for Goodman’s contractors to use.

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