Minter Ellison

“Customer service has been outstanding and I have always been able to speak to someone straight away.”

Brooke L

Saving time and increasing security at Minter Ellison

Visitor check-in was a slow and lengthy process at Minter Ellison. They needed a software that would clearly capture who was in the building at any one time, from both an operational and security perspective. Their older buildings do not have a PA system or EWIS so notifying an emergency was a great concern.

Sine offered a solution where managers and security staff who sit in different sections of the building can have access to visitor arrival from their own computer and see who is on site or expected to arrive.

Visitors are now required to acknowledge their terms of entry which cover WHS obligations, reducing time inefficiencies and allowing reception staff to carry on with other duties. Sine’s automatic notification system allows Minter Ellison to directly email and text message all active users in a time of emergency, increasing OHS standards and procedures.

“We trialled Sine during a quiet period which I highly recommend as with any new system as it takes time for staff and visitors to get used to. The two main features of the system and the reason we were after an electronic sign in/out process is that visitors and contractors sign an acknowledgment of our ‘terms of entry’ which covers our WHS obligations.”

Trialing Sine during a quiet period meant staff and visitors could understand and grasp the software and register any issues with ease.

Minter Ellison has been able to reduce time inefficiencies and increase the value added in the reception staff on duty.

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