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NSW Government - Rail Sector

NSW Gov - Rail Sector is Australia's largest rail project, delivering 31 stations in Sydney and has the capacity to cater to 40,000 customers per hour.

NSW government


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Sine brought contractor induction times down from 15 minutes to under 60 seconds!

Checking in thousands of contractors with digital site inductions

Conducting thousands of construction projects and checking in thousands of individual contractors, the NSW Gov - Rail Sector approached Sine in search of an efficient contractor management system that could manage high volumes of contractors.

The NSW Gov - Rail Sector was facing an issue that large companies have - quickly and efficiently inducting everyone who comes on their sites to work. Thousands of individuals were undergoing verbal inductions which required them to fill out paperwork afterward. The process was repetitive and left them with reams of unsearchable paper records for sites.

It was clear that they needed to find a more streamlined, robust and efficient way to induct people for their projects.

NSW government

Making full use of Sine Workflows to streamline contractor inductions

NSW Gov - Rail Sector's original paper-based induction process would take 10-15 minutes per contractor. They would manage upwards of 1000 individual short term sites over the course of a year with tens of thousands of individual contractors working across them.

With Sine, the on-site induction time is reduced to less than a minute and repetitive processes are handled by workflows which are completed once and remain valid for as long as NSW Gov - Rail Sector specify.

"We planned a low key series of trials where we progressively ramped up the features, starting with a small site with only ten staff and ending with a major site with hundreds of workers and full workflow integrations."

Starting off slow and ramping up over time. NSW Gov - Rail Sector introduced Sine Workflows to a select few sites and then progressively introduced it to all sites with all features.

During the role out process to all sites, contractors were supportive and quickly started asking why the system wasn't operating at all their sites. Staff were initially more hesitant with it being a whole new way of managing site inductions but as soon as they used the system they found how easy and quick it was making the adoption process quick.

QR codes and geofencing - the perfect combination

On top of the ability to induct contractors in under 60 seconds, NSW Gov - Rail Sector have found that the combination of QR codes and geofencing enable them to completely streamline the entire process of their contractor management.

"The most impressive features of the Sine system are its ease of use, flexibility and scalability. It is equally applicable to short term sites with a handful of staff and huge multi-year construction projects. Sites can be established in the system within minutes. For me, the standout attribute is only needing a QR code on the site boundary to enable the whole site check-in process via a free app."