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Sydney Cricket Ground

Helping put Sydney Cricket Ground ahead of the game with simple and easy to use solutions for multiple guests.

Sydney Cricket Ground


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Sydney, AUS

The technology is ahead of the game and reflects positively on my business, yet incredibly affordable. We couldn't be more satisfied.
Luke S
Manager for Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Sine helped the SCG manage a growing number of guests

An increase in membership and visitor base meant the SCG was faced with the challenge of managing ease of access for its growing number of guests. 

The NSW Government are redeveloping Allianz Stadium into a world-class venue to build Sydney into a sporting and entertainment precinct of international standard. Adopting the latest visitor management technology was a crucial step in meeting world-class standards in sporting experience.

Sine offered an incredibly affordable solution to shift the SCG ahead of the game. With its ability to customise branding and logos, the image it creates has been received positively and professionally.

"Our vision is to celebrate sport, create history and enhance entertainment and Sine has helped us to achieve this."

Developing a world-class sports stadium means that visitor and contractor management needs to be perfect.

With a growing membership base and multiple visitors to their venue each day, Sine has brought simplicity and ease to the Sydney Cricket Ground.

"As a non-tech savvy community manager, I felt apprehensive in the early stages of implementing the Sine program to our business but I have been impressed with the excellence the customer service team have shown from installation through to day to day running."

With the introduction of Sine, the SCG now has no problem managing the increase in foot traffic and can properly track contractors that enter the venue.

Making full use of visitor types, the SCG now knows exactly who’s on-site at any given time.