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The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change keeps track of patients and visitors with Sine

The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change provides substance use treatment services for their local Missouri community. This case study highlights how the center uses Sine to keep track of patients, visitors and staff.

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Favourite feature

Auto check-in


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Sine has enabled us to reduce our check-in time and increase our reporting accuracy
Bailey Leimbach
Data Coordinator

Using Sine Core Visitor Management for Patients, Staff & Visitors

The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change provides substance use treatment services for their local Missouri community, which promotes new behaviors for a healthy lifestyle.

With patients, staff and visitors coming and going from 8 different sites, The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change needed a robust, reliable and customizable system for keeping track of who is on-site and collecting data points from patients.

With our powerful suite of features like visitor notifications, geofencing for staff, and fully customizable branding, Sine was the perfect fit to meet these requirements

Automating the check-in/out 

"I never remembered to sign-out on the paper form, now with Sine I never have to worry about it because Sine does it automatically"

For healthcare facilities, keeping track of check-in/out data and maintaining an accurate visitor log is extremely important for compliance and safety. Relying on clunky paper-based processes can lead to inaccurate data and time-consuming auditing.

With Sine, The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change was able to automate the signing in and out of staff by using the geofence feature on the Sine Pro mobile app.

“We’ve managed to remove the paper forms at all but one of our locations”

Having a Sine kiosk set up at each location has also eliminated the need for paper sign-in forms at all but one of their locations, not only saving unnecessary paper but also keeping a more accurate visitor log.

World-class implementation 

“Our implementation experience was great, super easy to get up and running”

Getting a new visitor management system up and running can be challenging. From the initial setup of the system to training staff and troubleshooting issues, change management is a key focus for many organizations.

Luckily, Sine offers world-class implementation, support and professional services. Our team helped set up their system, ran training sessions for their staff and our 24-hour support team is on hand to troubleshoot any issues they encounter.

“I can’t say anything negative about it, the support has been great – any questions I have they get back to me in a good time frame”

Emergency management when you need it 

“If something were to happen at one of our locations we want to make sure we have everybody accounted for”

In an emergency, it is critical that you have a complete and accurate list of everybody on site, including staff, patients, visitors and contractors.

Fortunately, Sine offers the functionality of an easily accessible and accurate list of everybody actively checked-in on site – helping to ensure everyone is accounted for.

More than this, Sine also gives you the ability to notify your team and visitors of an emergency immediately, via in-app alerts and email.

If you are unable to locate somebody who has failed to meet at an evacuation point, you have direct and easy access to their contact details via the Sine dashboard so you can reach them. This critical information can also be provided to the emergency services personnel responding to your emergency, ensuring the people you are responsible for stand the best chance of emerging safely from the situation.