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Visitor and Contractor Management for Government

Tighten the security of your administration and effectively replace your paper sign-in book.

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Empowering administration with more secure operations

Know your visitors

Always know who’s on site and spot unauthorised visitors with our real time dashboard and custom badges.

ID badge printing

Print badges for visitors on check-in, and pre-print for invited visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host.

Real-time notifications

Automatically notify the right person when a visitor arrives like site managers when someone arrive at site.

visitor types

Check in all types of visitors

Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests. Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process.

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Visitor and Contractor Management helps businesses with site security, compliance and visibility

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Security enabled

Improve security at site with Face Check facial recognition. Allow for even faster check out of regular visitors just using their face.

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