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Primary Industry
Honeywell Forge performance+ for Buildings

Visitor and Contractor Management for Primary Industry

Manage people and materials, complete safety inductions, and trigger emergency notifications.

Sine contractor

Empowering your business with more secure operations

Track your assets

Scan and track assets to stay aware of where your equipment is and include reminders to return on check-out.

Run reports & analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on who’s visiting, why they visited, and they left.

Keep everyone safe

Display evacuation diagrams and safety forms that you require visitors to view and confirm on check-in and check-out.

visitor types

Check-in all types of visitors

Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management visitor types allow for quick check-in and out for all your staff and guests. Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process.

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See how Visitor and Contractor Management helps businesses with site security, compliance and visibility

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SinePoint Pro

Customize to suit your brand

Check in contractors and visitors with an on-brand experience.


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