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Visitor Management System FAQs

Why are visitor management systems important?

Visitor management systems are important for all businesses. Knowing who is on-site in real-time and why they're there ensures that your building stays secure and your people stay safe. Paper sign-in books are very quickly becoming obsolete with the growing needs of companies and the time they take to upkeep.

What's the difference between a sign-in book and digital visitor management?

A sign-in book is a log of all the people who have visited a site and when they checked out. It doesn't offer any additional features and is not safe or secure. A digital visitor management system offers everything a visitor management book does plus ensures that all data is secure and your workplace is safe. With a visitor management system, you can increase the security of a site, improve safety and get a birds-eye view of all your sites both manned and unmanned.

How do I set up my Sine visitor management system?

Getting started with Sine is simple. In only a few steps you can set up your site and have your iPad ready to check visitors in! Read our getting started guide.

What are the risks of using visitor sign in books?

There are a number of risks associated with visitor sign-in books. To begin with, they offer little by way of data privacy. With a full record of everyone in and out of your site, plus their contact details, right there at your reception desk for anyone to peruse. Depending on your businesses’ location this can even place you in breach of GDPR legislation. In addition, they do not offer any security or screening for people coming into your workplace. In modern times, and with security front of mind for many businesses, a paper visitor logbook can be a significant weakness in the physical security controls meant to protect your workplace — a risk that is no longer tenable for most organisations.

How do I set up my Sine visitor management system?

Getting started with Sine is simple. In only a few steps you can set up your workplace and have visitors checking in. Request a live demo.

Contractor Management FAQs

How can I manage contractors remotely?

You can manage contractors remotely - at one or across multiple sites - with contractor management and compliance software. Our Contractor Management software uses Sine Workflows to help you digitize and automate everyday processes. Log into your digital dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection

Is there a free trial for Contractor Management?

At this point in time, our free trial only applies to Sine Core - our Visitor Management solution. To see our Contractor Management solution, please book a demo with sales, contact us directly.

How can Visitor and Contractor Management software help me manage contractors effectively?

Which industries use Visitor and Contractor Management software to manage contractor compliance?

Staff Time & Attendance FAQs

What is a time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software is software which tracks and reports on employee and visitor time spent on a site or office. This software is common among businesses with lots of contractors of visitors and helps with payroll and keeping track of who's on a site, in real-time.

Why is time and attendance important?

Companies need to keep a close eye on the number of hours all of their employees work, even full-time, yearly salaried employees. Sine’s time and attendance features allow companies to know the exact time that an employee has spent on-site, right down to the second! Giving managers an accurate report on time and attendance which will help with payroll.

Who is time and attendance for?

Many think that time and attendance is just for contractors and casual employees, but that's not the case. Time and attendance tracking is for all staff - full-time, part-time, casual and contractors. Employees who are on yearly salaries but often work more than 38 hours per week are required to approve the number of hours they worked.

How does a time and attendance system help?

Time and attendance systems help in keeping your employee payroll accurate, keeping private employee data private and reduce the high costs that come with doing payroll.

Do you offer contactless sign in for employees?

Yes! The Sine Pro mobile app provides multiple ways for you to have employees complete contactless check-ins. This can be completed with an automatic geofence check-in, QR code scanning within the Sine Pro app, or selecting your workplace from a list of nearby sites.

How do employees sign in?

There are a few different ways to handle employee sign in through Sine. While it is possible to check staff in using the same iPad kiosk as visitors, this can lead to bottlenecks if you have many staff trying to check in at the same time. Plus, as these staff are checking in many days a week, it is more efficient for them to sign in through a method whereby their details are remembered. With Sine Pro app, staff can create a user account that remains logged in within the app, allowing them to quickly check-in when they arrive on site each day. Staff check-in with Sine Pro can be completed either by selecting the workplace from the nearby sites list, scanning a QR code poster on site or be automatically checked in when they enter a geofence around the site.

How can I screen my employees for COVID-19?

Sine offers you a range of methods to screen your employees and ensure they (and your site) are protected against the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. Depending on your operational requirements and COVID-19 regulations in your area, there are different methods and levels of screening for employees. At the most basic level, you can implement screening questions as part of the check-in forms completed by employees when they arrive on site each day. Beyond this, with Sine Workflows, you can have employees complete screening questionnaires at home to determine if they are approved to work on site. If an employee does not have a valid screening workflow, they will be unable to check-in to the site. Finally, with Thermal Check and Sine Workflows you can implement the strongest controls and screening for your employees. Employees will still be required to submit their workflow for approval before arriving on site, but then on arrival, they will also be temperature checked, with those registering an elevated temperature denied entry.

Visitor and Contractor Management FAQs

What is Visitor and Contractor Management?

Visitor and Contractor Management is a visitor management system, trusted by thousands of businesses globally. Our customers use Visitor and Contractor Management to enhance the safety, security and compliance of managing visitors, contractors and staff within their workplace.

What is a workflow in Sine Workflows?

Workflows are essentially customisable questionnaires, forms and documents that can live outside or alongside the check-in process. They can be customised to act as safety inductions, inspection checklists, screening checks — just about anything you can imagine! Integrate Workflows with your sites to ensure that everyone checking into your site is compliant with your procedures. With the ability to block check-ins where users’ workflows are incompleted or expired. You can read more about Sine Workflows here.

What is the Sine Core web dashboard?

The Sine Core web dashboard can be accessed at, it is the primary interface through which you can manage your Sine Core system. To learn more about managing and customising your Sine core system, please visit our help desk.

Where is data stored?

Visitor and Contractor Management exclusively uses Amazon Web Services for all of our infrastructure requirements. We use a carefully selected set of service providers for specific capabilities, for example Twilio and SendGrid for messaging and email. All of our infrastructure currently resides within the Sydney, Australia region of Amazon Web Services.

Which iPads are supported by SinePoint Pro?

SinePoint Pro is supported for any iPad running iOS 11 or higher.

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