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Access: Mixing Digital Technologies with On-Prem Physical Keys

Discover how Sine and integration parter, Torus, work seamlessly together to help create an all in one, simplified key management and check-in experience


James Taylor, Lucas Edmonds
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What you'll learn

Enhance workplace effeciency
How an automated key management system can help enhance workplace efficiency and safety without compromising on convenience.
Insightful automation trends
Key market trends around automation of simple tasks, on demand self-service, increased desire for flexible / remote working arrangements and more.
Streamline your check-in process
Why automated key management is becoming an increasingly important element that can help streamline the workplace and check-in process.

We don't have a receptionist so this replaces that need and lets people sign-in with ease.

Elisabeth B
Experience Specialist
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[The best thing about Sine is] simplicity. It does the job and is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Chris L
Operations Manager
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We trialled SINE during a quiet period which I highly recommend as with any new system. Managers and Security staff who all sit in different sections/buildings enjoy the fact that they can look upon their own computer and see who is on-site or expected to arrive.

Brooke L
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