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Blog Featured Image Going paperless_ The ROI of a digital visitor management system July25

Going paperless: The ROI of a digital visitor management system

Watch to discover how transitioning to a paperless visitor management system can help future-proof your workplace.


Stacy McWhorter, Campbell Maynes
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What you'll learn

Future-proof your workplace
How implementing a digital visitor management system can help future-proof your workplace as we shift into an increasingly digitized world.
Stakeholder benefits
How digital visitor management systems can benefit a broad range of company stakeholders, including employees, visitors, and contractors.
Enhance operational efficiencies
Why ditching paper-based visitor logbooks can help companies optimise people flow processes and enhance operational efficiencies.

We don't have a receptionist so this replaces that need and lets people sign-in with ease.

Elisabeth B
Experience Specialist
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[The best thing about Sine is] simplicity. It does the job and is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Chris L
Operations Manager
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We trialled SINE during a quiet period which I highly recommend as with any new system. Managers and Security staff who all sit in different sections/buildings enjoy the fact that they can look upon their own computer and see who is on-site or expected to arrive.

Brooke L
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