Picture this. 

You’re on a business trip interstate, and you’ve just finished a meeting with a prospective new client. You’re out the revolving door and on your way in a taxi to the airport when, suddenly, you realise you’ve left your bag in the boardroom – with your new clients business card in it. And you have no way of getting in contact.

What happens next?

Without Sine. 

Prior to the meeting, you write your name, arrival time, and reason for the meeting into an unkempt paper sign-in book at the concierge’s desk. You wait around for the receptionists to find and get you to read through the emergency evacuation details. In the time it’s taken you to do so, they get busy. You wait some more until they are free to let your client know you have arrived. No contact details are requested.

After asking your taxi driver to return you to the building, you now spend precious minutes with the concierge explaining your situation. They call through to your clients receptionist, who in turn calls through to your new client, but they’re not at their desk and cannot be found. The concierge then arranges to escort you through the turnstiles, up the lift, and into the boardroom to retrieve your bag.

It’s not there. Evidently your client did notice you left your bag behind, and took it for safe keeping. More time is wasted as a secondary attempt is made to contact your client. Finally they’re located… and they don’t have the bag. In the time it has taken you to get into the building, explain the situation, wait for contact, fail, get through security, take the elevator up to the boardroom, and wait around again, your client has thoughtfully stored your bag downstairs. Waiting for you.

Total time to retrieve bag: 15-20 minutes. We hope you weren’t on your way to the airport to catch that flight….

With Sine.

Prior to the meeting, you sign in on the SinePoint iPad at the concierge’s desk, which records your time of arrival, your contact details, and asks you to read and sign off on the building’s emergency evacuation procedures, and automatically messages your client letting them know you have arrived. You are immediately checked-in and allowed through.

After the meeting, upon discovering your error, you ask the taxi driver to return to the building. As he does you either; a) get a notification from your client, letting you know they have found your bag, and where you can retrieve it or, b) upon arrival at the business you use Sinepoint to let your client know you have returned. They contact you as soon as they receive the notification, and you are able to get your bag without having to step any further into the building.

Total time to retrieve bag: 5 minutes, if your client walks really slow.

The wider picture

Now imagine a similar scenario, but in the context of an emergency. You have a large building site, with multiple contractors and visitors entering daily, all of whom sign in manually using a book on the receptionists desk. No contact details are provided, but even if they were, there is no way for you to instantly broadcast a warning about the emergency that has occurred. Even if your current building has a siren, what about those outside the building? Or in hard to reach areas? Or those who, for safety or other reasons, wear noise cancelling headphones? In an emergency, time is precious, and painstakingly having to type in each number may make the difference between life and death.

Regardless of the size of the site or workplace you operate, there is one non-negotiable requirement for the safety and convenience of your staff, visitors and guests: the ability to communicate with them in real-time should the need to arrive.

So where does Sine come in?

As an intelligent digital visitor management system, Sine offers you solutions to all of these scenarios, and more. Here are just a few of Sines key features:

  • Instant messaging – Choose to send a message to an individual, to a specific site, or to an entire group.
  • Message type – Message can be sent to all checked-in guests, hosts, and even SinePoint iPad devices, with three message types to select from: message, warning, and emergency.
  • Functionality – Host notifications can be sent via SMS, email, and push notifications to the Sine mobile app.
  • Host delegates – Hosts can set a single delegate such as an Executive Assistant or Safety Officer, or a group of delegates, to receive host notifications on their behalf.

Whether it be a lost bag*, or an evacuation emergency, these are not just examples but rather real life situations that occur every day. Sine provides a hassle free solution, and provides a 30-day no obligation trial.

*The lost bag scenario at the beginning of this article is a based on an anecdote that happened to a Sine HQ staff member on a recent trip. It happens to all of us!