All businesses have a duty to ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace, with multiple plans being required if workers are expected to work at multiple worksites.

These plans must be readily accessible by all workers and must include procedures for direct and effective communication between those in charge… which we’re guessing is probably you since you’re the one reading this… and the rest of the workforce on site; this is the first thing that Sine can help you with – getting eyes on your emergency plan. Every time someone signs into your worksite with Sine, you can make sure they are provided with the ‘must see’ documents they require in order to complete their work. This can include your business’ emergency plan, which can be saved to their mobile device or which they can elect to email to themselves so that it is always on hand if required.

But that’s not all. If you find yourself experiencing an emergency at work and you have to put your emergency plan into play, then don’t worry (too much): Sine has got your back.

Ideal for schools, government, receptions, offices, retail, contractors, construction and mining visitor management, Sine’s software has the in-built functionality to provide each workplace, regardless of industry, with an exhaustive evacuation list in the case of an emergency. At the click of a button, you could have the names of all of your students, teachers, workers, contractors, and employees, everyone who has signed into your location. Whilst many businesses may rely on the memory of their team to qualify who is present and who is not, when it comes to the lives of your people, anything less than certain is simply not good enough. In seconds, Sine can provide you with a complete and accurate list of everyone currently on site, excluding any people who may have already signed out for the day. This means that you can be assured that everyone can be, and will be, accounted for as quickly as possible.

More than this, Sine also gives you the ability to contact your team and your visitors immediately, via in-app alerts and email, to notify them of an emergency situation. Group SMS is available to Enterprise customers on request.

If you are unable to locate a team member who has failed to meet at an evacuation point, you have direct access to their contact details to try to reach them. This critical information can also be provided to the emergency services personnel responding to your emergency, ensuring the people you are responsible for stand the best chance of emerging safely from the situation.

In case of an emergency, don’t you want Sine to have your back?

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