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4 reasons to use geofencing for contractor and visitor management

By Stacey AveryCustomer Success
Published on August 29, 2016


What is geofencing and why is it important for visitor & contractor management?

Geofencing is the creation of a virtual geographical boundary around your worksite, business or a location of your choosing. Visitors to your site or chosen location who have Sine Pro installed on their mobile devices will be able to detect your boundaries and know your location. But how can this be a useful tool for you?

1. Confirmation of attendance on site

Geofencing provides confirmation that someone has been at a location. This feature is particularly handy if you maintain remote site locations or unmanned sites. Geofencing requires your visitors to be near a site before they can sign in, which ensures that a person has physically attended that location. A utilities provider could use this feature for example, if they needed confirmation that a contractor had physically attended a maintenance site and wanted to know when that contractor signed in (arrived) and signed out (left).

paperless visitor badge system using the sine pro app

2. Immediate and convenient access for your visitors

Visitors to your location who have the Sine app are able to sign in and out of your location using their mobile phones, as long as they are within the geofence radius. This feature can reduce queues for events or functions where multiple people are wanting to gain access at the same time, or can make life easier for repeat visitors, enabling them to enter and exit a location without having to repeatedly go to the sign-in counter.

managing multiple locations

3. Simple communications with visitors on site

Keeping all visitors on site informed is no longer a problem with geofencing. Users are able to receive notifications via SMS, email or push notifications through the Sine Pro mobile app, letting them know of any important updates that may occur over the course of their visit or, importantly, in the case of an emergency. Geofencing technology can also equip you to send out automatic reminders to users if they walk out of a set radius, helping to ensure their safety.

Geofencing is a flexible technology with many practical uses across many industries. Talk to us today about the ways in which geofencing could be applied to your business.

push notification advising contractor to complete workplace inspection checklist

4. Bring your own device - no external equipment required

sign in options using desktop ipad and mobile app from sine

Geofencing your site means your are leveraging the technology already in the hands of your vendors and visitors: their smart phone. No external hardware is required and you can roll out the Sine visitor or contractor management system in an instant with no capex required on iPads, stands and a physical rollout. This is ideal for a portfolio of multiple sites or remote sites.

Book a demo to get started and let your workforce know to download the Sine mobile Apps for iPhone and Android.