In the latest software update of Sine, we have undertaken a major update and redesign of our invitations function. For organisations with existing security processes, we’ve considered the importance of improving this function to provide greater flexibility and to be as user friendly and accessible as possible.

One of the key functions implemented is the ‘Invitation required mode’, which brings with it an increased security measure for your company. Accessed through the ‘Passes’ section of the site manager, the function allows you to automatically reject any guest attempting to check in that has not received an invitation to your site.

How does a guest receive an invitation? They are simply issued one by you or a member of your team via the Sine invitations module, which easily integrates with calendar softwares such as Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar.

This newly introduced security measure got us thinking about how better security can also make for a better customer experience on your site. So often security is considered as a benefit to the company only but, given the right approach, what benefit can it add to your customer experience at your organisation?

Here are five reasons that we think better security makes for better customer experience:

  1. Make your visitors feel like VIPs
    With their name already listed on the SinePoint Pro App at the iPad kiosk, checking in can take moments for a guest. After searching for their name, their pre-registered details (thanks to the invitation function) are populated and with a click of a button, check in is completed.
  2. Manage unnecessary arrival confusion
    Many large sites have a concierge or security station. With Sine, the concierge or security staff can simply call your receptionist who will be able to run a quick check on the name of the visitor using the Sine invitations list. Within seconds they will be able to confirm or deny that the visitor has indeed been invited to attend the site. Without Sine, a plethora of phone calls would have to have been made from security, to your receptionist, onto the hosting department and through to the visitor’s host before guest verification could be achieved. Just think of the confusion and the waiting time that the invitation list saves!
  3. Speedy large group check in
    Using the Sine dashboard, your team can manually check in large groups, as well as preprint passes to have ready for your visitors’ arrival. This means no long lines for your visiting groups and more time for networking or getting down to business.
  4. Give your receptionist a heads up
    By ticking the ‘Admin notes’ to appear as an attribute field, you can leave important guest information for your receptionists to greet customers with upon their arrival. Something as simple as ‘VIP guest’ or ‘repeat visitor’ can supply context to your greeter and make the world of difference to a customer arrival.
  5. Know your busiest times
    By allowing your receptionist access to a list of the day’s guests, busiest periods can be checked to ensure additional staff can be on hand if required to manage smooth and fast check-in process for your visitors.

Be sure to check out the improved invitation function in your Sine dashboard and see how you can make this feature work for you.