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Client arrival notification systems: why your business needs one

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on January 11, 2021

Your client arrives on site, ready for the meeting they have been busily preparing for. They open the doors to your building, follow the signs to your office and head expectantly to reception. There’s just one problem — there’s no one there to greet them or sign them in as a visitor.

That client’s perception of your business instantly becomes skewed as they are left waiting a long period of time to be helped. An employee may scramble to sign this visitor in once they have noticed them, and even hurriedly run to notify you, but it’s already too late. The client feels less appreciated and important. Could this situation have been avoided? 

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The simple answer is yes. Your employee could have been more attentive, or you could have given them a reminder that an important client was arriving at a certain time. The truth is, however, that the only guaranteed way to avoid this situation is with a client arrival notification system. 

What is a client arrival notification system?

You can automate just about anything these days, and that includes how your clients arrive at your facility. A client arrival notification system, or visitor management system is an automated system that works to notify employees of when a client arrives. 

Clients can use such a system to check themselves in once they have arrived. This then sends a signal to the host employee that their client is there to see them, rather than a receptionist having to ask for their information and place a phone call. 

Benefits of a client arrival notification system

It’s clear that one of the major benefits of a client arrival notification system is the seamless experience it provides for both hosts and clients. There is no confusion, better productivity and most importantly a better client experience provided.

Here are some of the other benefits a client arrival notification system can provide:

Better Security

Security should always be top of mind, and that includes client arrivals. With a client arrival notification systems can help to ensure only those who are supposed to be on the premises are there. 


A client might give a receptionist some information which they then will need to enter into the system. Rather than leaving room for error, client arrival notification systems help to avoid important information getting lost along the way. The client can enter this information directly. 

Confidentiality of information

Rather than having to say information out loud to a receptionist, clients can enter their information confidentially. This helps to keep their privacy and make them a lot more comfortable. 

Key features of Sine’s client arrival notification system

Sine’s client arrival notification system can help you to accomplish each of these benefits and more! Here are some of the key features you can expect when using Sine as your client arrival notification system. 

Simple integrations

Sine provides simple options to integrate with programs like Slack. A direct message is sent for every visitor check-in. Allowing you to simply accept or reject the check-in request. 

This means you can keep your notifications on a platform you already use and reduce the amount of time you keep visitors waiting. 

Push notifications

Once your visitors sign-in through the Sine Pro app, they are paired with your location through their smartphone by geofencing. They will then be sent a push notification reminding them to sign-in or out, every time they enter or leave your site. 

Easy notification settings

Sine Pro’s notification feature controls give you several options around how and when users will receive email or SMS notifications. As the host, you can receive SMS messages when your visitor has arrived. Simply switch SMS notifications for hosts on. 

You can also choose to turn on the ‘Visitor Email on Check-In’ feature which will send them an email with details about their recent sign-in whenever they sign-in to a site. 

Get started with the Sine Pro mobile app

Businesses who provide the best client experiences, and the highest-level security, accuracy and confidentiality are using client arrival notification systems. You too can experience these many benefits for your business with Sine. 

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Get started with the Sine Pro mobile app today!

You can try out all of the great features the app has to offer and be one step closer to creating a better work environment for both you and your clients for years to come.