No, you read that right – an iPad Receptionist. It’s not as crazy an idea as you may think!

A vast majority of our lives are now lived with the significant aid of technology. Sure, we suffer through the annoyance of the odd glitch now and then but, for the main part, our lives are vastly improved.

As we continue into our tech-savvy futures, people are venturing well beyond merely accepting and feeling comfortable with technology. They are expecting it, wanting it and everything it gives. Rather than feeling put off by being greeted with technology at a reception desk, the modern visitor not only expects it, they feel more comfortable in its presence. So why not give the people what they want? It will benefit you both to employ an iPad receptionist.

The top 5 reasons you should employ an iPad receptionist

1. Self-service is good service

Approximately a decade ago when banks and other large entities started introducing self-service tech the general response was, shall we say, not overly receptive. As technology has continued to infiltrate our lives and improve our ways of doing things however, that stance has changed. Nowadays, self-service doesn’t translate to a lack of service; if anything, a lack of self service does. People are busy and they’re constantly looking for the most efficient ways of doing things. If you offer them a fast and efficient way of checking into your office, they will thank you for it.

Consistency is key in replicating a positive customer service experience and an iPad receptionist can be one of your most consistent employees!

2. The economical benefits of an iPad receptionist

Paper-based check-in may seem like a cheap option. After all, it’s just a book, isn’t it? But what are the real costs of maintaining these old paper-based sign-in books? The information you collect in that book needs to be manually entered into your system. That takes time, which you have to pay for. The messier the handwriting, the more time it takes.

Perhaps you don’t enter them in, but the information contained is valuable. It requires storage and archiving. Not much in the short term, it’s true, but over weeks, months, and years? Are you storing the data onsite or offsite? Both, quite possibly. How much space are those old documents taking up, and how much is it costing you to rent that space?

What about when you need to get rid of this information? You don’t need those details anymore, but you can’t just throw them away. No-one wants a lawsuit if the personal information in these files is uncovered. So you pay for secure removal. Yet another expense.

An iPad receptionist automatically syncs with your system and stores the data you need in the cloud. No rent, no data entry hours to pay for and no removal costs.

3. The environmental benefits

Having a completely paperless office still feels a bit like a pipe dream for most of us, but there are certain areas within your business where the dream can become a bit more of a reality. Your check-in process is one of them. Imagine the amount of paper you could save by switching from a paper-based check-in process to a digital one. This includes any additional paperwork that may have to be completed by your visitors prior to their gaining access to your premises, such as non-disclosure agreements, waivers, or acknowledgments.

These documents can all be made available via your iPad receptionist. They can be signed electronically and saved automatically. Even better, they can then be accessed at any given point by your staff members, through your digital records.

4. Improved site security

Digital check-in systems absolutely trump paper-based check-in systems when it comes to security. If there is a business requirement for visitors to check in and acknowledge any forms of documentation prior to entry, an iPad receptionist can ensure that every box is ticked and every dotted line signed. No accidentally missed forms or insufficiently filled documents; no visitor can check-in via your iPad receptionist unless every single portion of check-in is completed.

Take care of due diligence or duty of care considerations before visitors even meets with you. For your visitors, they can rest assured that their personal details are secure, and not on display for future visitors to view and potential misuse. Something that cannot be said for the old paper-based book.

5. The Jimmy conundrum

Chances are that there are other businesses out there, very similar to yours, who are already providing their guests with everything an iPad receptionist has to offer. We all remember the old trope, “Well if Jimmy jumped off a cliff, would you?” It’s a saying that may appear to fit this situation, but we’d like to mention one a lot more fitting.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

A simple Google search will give you a list a mile long of businesses that have either disappeared or have been severely diminished as a result of their inability or refusal to work with changing technology. Kodak. Blockbuster. Blackberry. All once leaders in their fields, all left behind by competitors who were willing to adapt to the technology around them. And we continue on, with a whole new generation who doesn’t even know their names.

In today’s world, there is something to be said for Jimmy and his surprisingly bright ideas.

Let technology work for you

iPad receptionists don’t replace your human receptionists. They simply enhance them and add to your visitor’s experience. There’s a reason that more businesses across the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries have made the switch!

Why not hit up Sine for a free demo, and see how much of a difference smart technology in your reception area can make.