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Visitor Entry Procedure

How the visitor types feature is streamlining businesses

By Stacey AveryCustomer Success
Published on April 17, 2019

On any given day your business can receive a great number of different types of visitors. Some types of visitors will be universal across all businesses, but many others will be industry-specific, or even business-specific, unique to your own operation. More importantly, their requirements and yours can differ significantly, depending on what their reason for entering your business is.

A visitor attending a meeting may only need to know the basics: who they are seeing, where they need to go, building evacuation policies. A contractor may need the full introduction: who, where, why, how and what.
5 reasons why visitor types are the feature you want in your visitor management system

As we mentioned, there are some visitor types that will be common across all businesses. The first of these are your employees.

By getting your employees to check-in you instantly gain access to highly beneficial reporting capabilities, including the ability to see the arrival and departure times of your employees each day and the ability to produce a ready-made evacuation report in the case of an emergency.