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Q&A: How you can quickly pre-register event guests

By Test
Published on September 4, 2015

If you have a lot of guests arriving in large groups to your front desk, do you ever get huge lines and large groups waiting in front of you to sign-in? With the right visitor management system in place this scenario of guests hovering over you whilst you enter all their details there and then can be dealt with very painlessly.

A visitor management system that can allow front desk or all the staff to invite guests in advance is called "pre-registration". Pre- registering guests at your location can mean that when the guest arrives they simply enter their email into an iPad and the visitor management system will recall their details and sign them in automatically. This can save a huge amount of time and is a very professional way to sign-in visitors quickly. Additionally, a front team or security team can check-in the pre-registered visitor by simply looking for their name and clicking on their profile which will automatically check-in the guest and alert the Host that their guest has arrived.

With Sine Visitor Management, we have made it very easy to pre-register guests by simply copying Sine into the Hosts meetings requests on their favourite calendar software - i.e. Outlook, iCal, Google Cal etc. If the Host copies Sine into the meeting request, the Sine software will automatically record the details of the guest's future attendance in the Sine web dash board at front desk.

To find out more about pre-registration and visitor management feel free to contact the team at Sine Visitor Management for a demo.