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Meet the DVLPRs - 5 Questions with Yann Frizenschaf

By Molly TelferContent Marketing Specialist
Published on March 3, 2022


With _SOUTHSTART around the corner, the team at Honeywell Sine is excited to help launch their fresh new addition to the program – DVLPR Day. This half-day experience, taking place March 11, strives to connect developers and the technology-minded to the trends, tools, and stories of scaling both technology and team.

At DVLPR Day, attendees can connect and learn from experienced and war-torn CTO's and developers from across the country as they share their insights and growing pains, tips and tricks, and the larger overarching lifestyle and philosophy of a coded reality.

One of these development veterans is Sine's very own Senior Software Development Manager, Yann Frizenschaf, who will be leading a panel focused on understanding the confluence of great culture and technical excellence in high-growth software teams. From startup to scale-up, Yann is passionate about delivering high-quality, scalable software through best practices, continuous improvement.

Read on to learn more about his DVLPR journey below!

Senior Software Development Manager, Yann Frizenschaf

How did you get into software development?

I started hacking HTML for fun in high school, and then took a detour via mechanical engineering, automation and SCADA. Once I realised that most of the mechanical world runs on software and that the bits of engineering I enjoyed the most involved being able to build something from scratch out of thin air, software development was a natural fit.

What do you hope for future developers to get out of DVLPR Day?

I hope that people aspiring to or beginning a career in software development get a preview of some of the real-world challenges they will face outside the bounds of their code editor. It should be a good mix of technical and interpersonal success and failure stories we can all learn from.

A growing trend I see is an increasing awareness of the ethical landscape in which we are building technological solutions, and incorporating our ethical footprint as a key factor in assessing success.

Which Sine project(s) are you most proud of and why?

One thing I get a lot of satisfaction out of is seeing my team grow in confidence and seeing individuals empowered to do their best work by being given the autonomy and resources to succeed. One thing I’m really excited about is seeing the fresh ideas coming out of Honeywell Sine’s Develop & Learn Fridays, where the team can freely explore tech ideas, experiments and prototypes outside the bounds of our day-to-day work.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of tech and coding?

I still manage get my creaky knees onto a soccer pitch regularly, and am trying to keep my bilingual skills intact by reading German literature. 

Catch Yann as he shares his tips and tricks at DVLPR Day. With so much opportunity waiting around the corner it’s about time you save yourself a seat!



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