By now, you probably know that when someone who has COVID-19 coughs or exhales, he or she releases droplets of saliva that’s infected with the virus.

You probably won’t be showered with COVID-19-infected fluids, but those droplets fall on surfaces and objects too, which is where you might end up catching the virus to then, inadvertently, touch your eyes or your mouth.

This is particularly important for companies that receive visitors and contractors on a daily basis because they have to balance productivity and safety.

So, how do you prevent exposure to COVID-19?

There are three ways:

  • Checking people in or giving them the chance to check-in
  • Using temperature guns to confirm people’s temperature
  • Creating QR codes to check people in, contactlessly

The good news is that you can use Sine to manage these three.

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Here’s how you can do it:

4 steps to prevent exposure to COVID-19 in your worksite using QR codes

Helping to flatten the curve means that companies need to put the proper processes in place to keep their workplaces and people safe from COVID-19.

Barcodes have been around for decades, from supermarkets to retail supply chains. We even take them for granted.

The QR code is a new version of the bar code. QR stands for quick response, and it’s faster and much more reliable than legacy bar codes.

And you only need two things: a smartphone and an app, like Sine, that converts that image into usable information.

In this case, information about your visitors and contractors’ health.

Here’s how we at Sine leverage QR codes to help businesses like yours stay safe:

Let’s say that Roger, your gardener, has been gaining access to your company without completing your visitor pre-screening forms because you’ve known him for ages and he just forgets to complete the forms.

But you’ve noticed that Roger has been coughing a lot lately and he just looks a bit ill. It might be a seasonal flu, or maybe he’s just allergic, but what if he got in contact with someone who came from an infected country?

It’s always better to ask.

Step 1: Offer a contactless check-in solution

First off, you need to ask your visitors, workers, or contractors to download Sine Pro. Once you’ve done that, you can create a QR code for your visitors and share it with them so they can contactlessly check in to your worksite.

You can also offer QR code posters to your visitors. A poster with a QR code in your lobby can help you keep check-in contactless even for those people who forgot to check-in before coming to your worksite.

Step 2: Enable visitor pre-screening forms

Now that you’ve sent them the QR codes, it’s time to prompt them to reply to a few questions just to make sure that your visitors are safe to enter.

It doesn’t really hurt to ask and rest assured that you won’t hurt his feelings.

With our newest feature – COVID-19 Responses – you can take your check-in forms to the next level by putting all incorrect responses into a ‘pending’ state and stopping them from resubmitting with new answers.

Step 3: Check and register visitor temperature

Using Sine, once you’ve pre-approved a visitor, you can subject him or her to a quick temperature check to determine if they’re healthy or not.

In case their temperature is just too high, you can reject their entry and ask them to go home to self-isolate or to a hospital to check for other symptoms of COVID-19.

Along with the face mask, the contactless, infrared temperature gun has become the iconic design object of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The temperature gun can help you measure someone’s surface temperature without having to touch him or her. Temperature guns work very well if they’re calibrated correctly, which makes them a great asset for your company as they can tell you for sure whether or not your visitors have a fever.

Step 4: Approve or reject visitor pass

Now that you know how easy it is to check your visitors’ temperature, it’s time to go to the next step: approving or rejecting visitors based on what you’ve seen on both the temperature check and their answers.

Using Sine, you don’t have to put your receptionists in danger because you don’t need a staffed reception desk. You can assign your front desk people to tasks that really move the needle.

We’re here to help

Sine is more than an alternative to paper sign-in sheets, but in addition to making your life easy, we’d also like to help make it safer.

If you would like to talk to us about ways to reduce face-to-face interactions at your front desk and minimize health risks to your workplace by using a visitor management system like Sine, we’re here to help.

Users should only use Sine for COVID-19 purposes in accordance with the provisions of their local laws. Sine is not responsible for the capture of information. See Sine’s Terms of Use.