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Take the headache out of contractor management with Sine Workflows

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on May 31, 2022

Tired of chasing contractors for compliance details? Induction processes and paperwork overflowing both your desk and your mind? Time to upgrade to a contractor management system that has all your bases covered.

By combining the power of Sine Core and Sine Workflows, companies have unlocked the perfect contractor management system for all their needs and to create a zero harm workplace.

Sine Core allows facilities managers to keep track of contractors from an easy-to-use dashboard. Then, by adding Sine Workflows, they'll be able to keep your contractors and workforce compliant at all times with real-time tracking of inductions, work permits, access request, or any workflow to keep your site safe and secure.

contractor management features

Additionally, Sine Workflows allows companies to completely automate their entire induction processes (among all other workflows). Meaning site inductions can be completed 24/7 with no limitations on what information is included, while also integrating these workflows with Sine’s visitor management system. Completely automating the whole process of visitor and contractor management.

Interested in hearing about how Workflows can help you upgrade your induction process? Book a demo with a Sine expert today!