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Sine + Honeywell: A shared vision for the future of the workplace

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on March 1, 2021

In 2015, Sine was founded with a simple goal—simplify the check-in process and to do away with the paper sign-in book.

From the first iteration, with iPads set up at the front desk of schools in Adelaide we had visitors check-in, provide photo identification, explain why they were visiting, and send an alert to the person they were on-site to visit.

The growth from that point has been exponential. We quickly found ourselves going beyond that initial goal as we strived toward a safer, simple and more secure workplace.

Soon the system started allowing people such as contractors, cleaners, security guards and others to use their phone to check in and out of a workplace, using a combination of apps and geofencing.

Shifting to warp speed

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, we found ourselves in one of the most transformative periods in the short life of the company.

After working hard to develop a robust, flexible and scalable platform that was equally adept at managing an office as it was a construction site or university campus. The groundwork was laid for a powerful solution to tackle the challenges of COVID-19.

From the early days of the pandemic when we rolled out contactless check-in and COVID-19 screening flows, through to landmark features like Instant QR—a truly simple, safe and secure method of contactless check-in and contact tracing.

Through this time, as Sine continued to grow and the platform was rolled out to protect workplaces across the globe against COVID-19 we found ourselves a part of a mission that matters.

Finding a perfect match

Today, Sine’s suite of workplace management tools have been rolled out to thousands of organisations globally. Empowering these workplaces to operate safer, simpler and more efficiently. With more than 30 million visitors checked in and more than a million hosts using Sine, we are proud to have built a platform that’s ease of use barely hints to users the incredible depth and complexity of processes that can underlie them.

It is a platform that integrates seamlessly with every business process. From access control and watchlists to Workflows compliance, to provide a perfectly tailored experience for every user type.

Sine Honeywell

With all of this growth, we look to where the company can go next. We looked for a partner that has global reach with a trusted brand. A partner that was aligned to our agnostic approach to other software and hardware solutions so that Sine could work seamlessly across even more systems. We wanted a partner that believed in our vision for workplace safety and compliance. A customer-obsessed partner that wanted to invest features and global scale to bring Sine to people around the world. We found that perfect partner in Honeywell. 

A bold vision for the future

A stalwart industrial conglomerate, Honeywell’s recent transformation to a software provider, through the Connected Enterprise business unit, represented a significant advancement for the Industrial IoT sector. Honeywell Connected Enterprise runs and develops its own solutions that are agnostic to OEMs (including Honeywell).

Sine Honeywell

The flagship Honeywell Forge solution extends the company’s capabilities to support the assets they develop throughout their lifecycle. Now, in addition to the design and construction of things like buildings, oil refineries, manufacturing plants and aeroplanes, Forge supports customers to operate and optimise the performance of these assets. It is a SaaS business with a software soul, like us. 

To bring together a solution that maximises the performance of buildings, with Sine’s own solutions to optimise the experience and flow of the people who occupy them was a natural stepping stone in our growth as a company.

Safety across assets and people

In joining Honeywell Connected Buildings, we have an opportunity to align our efforts and goals across like-customer bases and provide an all-encompassing, connected experience in the workplace.

With this increased investment, we are excited to enter a new phase for Sine.

We will be taking Sine truly global. Beginning in our own backyard as we triple our Australian workforce across all functions—software engineering, support and sales. With the support and backing of Honeywell, we will empower our team to scale operations and move with agility to deliver an industry-leading workplace management platform.

Not only will our platform be industry-leading, but it will also offer the same flexibility of seamless integrations with the platforms and systems our customers use day in day out. All while Sine continues to develop as a vendor and access agnostic platform.

Together with Honeywell, we will continue to strive towards a workplace that is simpler, safer and more secure, but still infinitely powerful and capable. Ensuring energy optimisation and digitised maintenance, with an industry-leading native app experience powered by the Sine technology platform.

At the end of the day, the most fundamental commonality we share with Honeywell is what will keep us pushing ahead into the future, because we both know—the future is what we make it.

Want to join a mission that matters? Sine is currently hiring across all departments, see open positions and join the team!