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Visitor management at my office building. A fresh approach...

By Stacey AveryCustomer Success
Published on September 22, 2015

Visitor Management at my office building. A fresh approach...

Visitor management at a multi-tenant building can be a complex and time-consuming process. Visitors and guests arriving at a large office tower or facility can be confronted with long queues and waiting times when they arrive to see their host or to undertake works as a contractor.

The issues associated with visitor management at a large office tower can be looked at in the context of the main groups that work or occupy a building.

Corporate Tenants and Occupiers

Each group of corporate tenants or occupiers may have different visitor management processes from the other tenants located at the building. For example, one tenant could require all visitors to be pre-registered before their arrival; whereas other tenants could have a multitude of unannounced visitors.

Additionally some tenants could require that their hosts be notified via email, SMS or other notifications that their visitor has arrived to see them. Furthermore, the printing of badges could be required too.

Some tenants will be interested to make their own arrangements on their own floors to process visitors and contractors, but still be part of a larger visitor management platform.


The landlord of a multi-tenant building will be interested in an efficient visitor management system that is capable of processing large numbers of guests, contractors and staff but still require a system that offers a personal touch when visitors are greeted at a front desk environment.

Landlords will also want assurance that induction procedures have been acknowledged and that health and safety processes were recognized.

Additionally, detailed overviews and reports on the total volumes of visitations arriving and departing from their properties should be attainable.

Front desk and Security teams

Each day the front desk and security teams are confronted with high pressure situations to greet and process high volumes of visitors and contractors arriving to the location. An efficient electronic visitor management system should be capable of discerning between the different processes applicable to a visitor versus a contractor.

Also this visitor management system should be capable of identifying previous visitors to the facility as well as process repeat visitors or contractors with speed and accuracy.

Security teams would be interested in the visual identification of visitors and contractors from an identity point of view. Therefore, an electronic visitor management system that allows the quick capture of high-quality photos of visitors or contractors is an important feature for consideration.

Building managers

Building managers are confronted with many challenges and issues during the day-to-day management of the multi-tenant building. Any electronic visitor management system worth considering should not burden the building manager or their team with software that is not user friendly to setup, operate and maintain. Any solution should be easy to use and require minimal training.

A building management team will want to have access to real-time data regarding the numbers of active visitors and contractors on-site at any one time. The ability to print live evacuation lists is essential and the accessibility to contact visitors and contractors via their mobile phone number, email or via a smart phone app is a principal aspect to an electronic visitor management system.

Induction and entry form information should also be easily presentable to contractors visiting a multi-tenant facility so that the type of work and purpose of visit can be easily recorded for each contractor visiting either the building itself (base building) or a particular tenant.


Visitors arriving individually or in groups are usually very busy and in a rush. Visitors can be customers, VIPs, and prospective employees, or even colleagues from remote locations visiting their own HQ. These visitors expect a seamless and painless registration and entry process on both arrival and departure from a multi-tenant building.

The right visitor management solution should recognise repeat visitors to the building and allow them to swiftly but safely register based on their previous attendance.

Visitors are also seeking a fast and efficient process to alert the host that they have arrived and are signed in to see them.


Contractors may be attending a facility each day for considerable amount of time for an office fit out, maintenance, testing or other works. The inconvenience of having to sign in each day can be very time-consuming for contractors, which ultimately adds costs to projects or works. An efficient electronic contractor management system with a user-friendly interface will allow contractors to sign-in & sign-out very quickly and to record the purpose of their works for the day.

A visitor management system that integrates with contractor management is an essential tool in the processing of both visitors and contractors at the one location. Any systems that involve two separate processes could be cumbersome and duplicative. An integrated visitor management solution that combines visitor and contractor registration in the one solution is ideal.

If the above themes and user cases sound familiar and you would like to discuss an integrated visitor and contractor management solution at your business or facility, then please feel free to get in touch with the team at Sine Visitor Management.