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Contractor management that works

Keep your site safe and secure with geofencing and track the time and attendance of your contractors.

30 day trial, no credit card required

30 day trial, no credit card required

Fast and simple site check-in via the iPad and iphone

Replace attendance book

Allow contractors to check in via the iPad or the Sine free smartphone apps at site.

Geofence your site

Sine set up a virtual perimeter that enables repeat contractors to check in and out of your site swiftly.

Induction Information

Health and safety, and company induction related information can easily be displayed on all devices.

QR code check-in

A cost effective solution for remote sites means contractors can scan a QR code placed at the facility to check in and out from on the mobile app.

No iPad required and site managers will be alerted each time a contractor arrives at a remote site. Sine works with or without location-based services to provide a robust platform for tracking time and attendance.

Fast Track check-in

Fast Track code scan
When a visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check-in on the iPad.

Identify visitor type
Your visitor’s photo ID is captured and visitor badges are printed to ensure clear identification.

Instant host notifications
Host are notified when check-in is complete and your visitor is now ready to be greeted.

Checklists and reports

Create a checklist for a specific location and allow your team or external contractors to complete an inspection via their phone.
Ask your visitors and contractors to confirm if they have returned keys, file incident reports, select drop down items, complete checklists and view exit instructions related to your site.

“We love the ability to easily sign in, create invitations, and keep track of visitors that come into the company. ”
Olivia F
NSW Finance Team Assistant, John Holland Pty Ltd
“Sine is fast and accurate and allows us to check in large groups of guests quickly ahead of time before their arrival.”
Tahmid U
Trainee Contracts Manager, Davis Construction
“Customer support is top-notch! Every question throughout our deployment has been answered quickly and accurately.”
Robert S
Project Manager, Downer
“Sine makes the signing in of customers more efficient and customers have loved the self-service option.”
Cassandra R
Office Administrator, RAD Urban LLC
“Sine is easy to use has been very well received by contractors who have not been disgruntled in having to use it. ”
Dan B
VP of Engineering , EMS Solutions

Manage everything from the web dashboard

Track and report

Track and report

Track and report on all active contractors at one site or a portfolio of sites and get reports sent to your inbox daily.

Generate reports by company, name, purpose of visit or any search criteria you set, and share them with your colleagues or suppliers.

reports dashboard image

Spot red flags

Spot red flags

Without time on your side, what you need in your corner is a tool that can help you to instantly spot the red flags in your business.

Sine automatically highlights contractors that have been rejected by compliance systems, and auto expired contractors that have not checked out.

Track keys and passes

Keep track of keys, badges and passes with Sine’s easy to use scan and track feature. Simply add our QR codes to all the assets you wish to track, and scan them against contractors profiles.

Auto allocate assets on entry and auto check-out assets on return. See whom has what, real-time. Add a QR scanner, key rings and stickers from our shop. Learn more about this feature here.

Instant messaging and notifications

Live messaging

Notify contractors on site with group and individual mesages sent from the site team in real-time.

Evacuation lists

Print or email live lists of all active contractors on site in an instant in case of a drill or real emergency.

Team notifications

Choose to approve or reject contractors and automatically notify the right person of their arrival.

Opt-in facial

Opt-in facial recognition

Contractors can opt-in to add their facial recognitions details when their photo is captured for the first time, to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.

type overview

Contractor type overview

Easily create custom contractor types to fit your needs of every type of contractor that comes that enters your site. Designate certain types like specific contractors, special permits, work orders, and more.

Contractor management
made easy

management made easy

Solutions to streamlining contractor management, unlocking operational efficiency and improving safety at your facility.

Trusted by thousands of global companies
Trusted by thousands
of global companies

Try Sine Workflows


Try Sine Workflows

Create workflows like inductions, permits, SWMS, access requests, and inspections for easy contractor management at your facility.

Manage your workplace with Sine

Manage your
workplace with Sine

30 day trial. Easy setup. No credit card required.

30 day trial. Easy setup. No credit card required.