Contractor Management
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Geofence your site to track time and attendance, run site inductions, track keys, work orders, and special permits… Sine is an easy to use contractor management system. 

Check-in contractors at your site via the web, iPad and smartphone

Replace your site attendance book with Sine for contractors. Geofence your site with Sine and allow contractors to check in via tablet or our free smartphone apps. All health and safety information and induction related information can easily be displayed on all devices. Track time and attendance of contractors via our easy to use web dashboard. Ideal for construction, mining, industrial or facilities management.


Display health & safety information, site inductions

Display your entry processes on all devices: tablet and mobile app check-in. HSE information, site inductions and workplace related processes can be displayed on entry. Decrease risk and increase compliance at your site with easy to use contractor management system. Publish custom entry forms in an instant to all devices. 

Evacuation Lists and Emergency Reports

Sine allows your site team to print or email live lists of all active contractors on site. Provide an up to date list of personnel on site in an instant in case of a drill or real emergency.

Live messaging

Get in touch with all contractors on site in an instant. Push notifications, SMS and emails to all site contractors, staff and visitors real-time. Group and individual messages can be sent from the site team.

Powerful reporting

Track and report on all active contractors at one site or a portfolio of sites from one easy to use central web dashboard. Report by company, contractor name, purpose of visit or any search criteria you set. Generate internal reports in an instant and share them with your colleagues or suppliers. Auto generated close of business reports appear in your inbox each day showing how many contractors attended site and who is still on site.

Track time and attendance

at the site

Sine works very cost effectively for remote sites where a QR code can be placed at a facility so contractors can scan in and out from the Sine mobile App on arrival and departure. No iPad required and site managers will be alerted each time a contractor arrives at a remote site. Sine works with or without location-based services to provide a robust platform on which to track time and attendance.

checklists and incident reports

Checklists and incident reports

Ask your visitors and contractors to confirm if they have returned keys, file incident reports, select drop down items, complete checklists and view exit instructions related to your site. Learn more about exit check lists in our blog here.

Track keys and passes

Keep track of keys, badges and passes with Sine’s easy to set up and use Scan & Track feature. Simply add our QR codes to all the assets you wish to track and scan them in and out against contractors or visitor’s profiles. Auto allocate assets on entry and auto check-out assets on return. See whom has what, real-time. Add a QR scanner, key rings and stickers from our shop. Learn more about this feature here.

Stay in control

Without time on your side, what you need in your corner is a tool that can help you to instantly spot the red flags in your business. Sine comes with easy to use exception reporting that automatically highlights: contractors that have been rejected by compliance systems, auto expired contractors that have not checked-out. Stay in control with helpful insights and reports delivered right to your inbox on a daily basis and in real time.

Inspections made easy

Sine offers location-based checklists on your mobile. Create a checklist for a specific location and allow your team or external contractors to complete an inspection via their smartphone.

Capture all the flows

Created for much more than just one type of contractor, process, or on-site event, this system is far from being a one trick pony. Sine allows you an overview of every visitor designation that comes to see you; visitors, contractors, special permits, work orders, and more. Easily create custom contractor types to fit your needs and activate facial recognition with Face Track for higher volume vendors such as cleaners.

Easy scheduling

The last thing you need upon arrival at your workplace is a queue to get in. Waiting around to be checked in is the most common complaint from visitors. Sine makes check-in super quick with easy to use pre-registration. Hosts at your workplace can easily invite guests using an “airline” style check-in upon arrival. Sine Invites can be used for preventative maintenance schedules or to book in contractors for works in advance.

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