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City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

As Sine is often the first interface many external stakeholders have with the Council, the Sine system is a key enabling system.

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Norwood Council


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Adelaide, AUS

Sine is a key enabling system which presents the Council as a progressive and modern workplace
Sean F
Manager, Work Health Safety & Risk

Visitor management system provides a better customer experience

With hundreds of people visiting the office every day, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council (NPSP) is always filled with strangers.

Before NPSP was introduced to Sine every single person was required to fill out a paper sign-in sheet. While filling out the sheet was easy, NPSP believed that the visitors filling it out didn’t understand their obligations of being on site.

Furthermore, site evacuations and drills required that employees grab the oversized sign-in book to ensure that everyone was evacuated and accounted for. Not only was this often forgotten but it was very timely to go through each name individually. At times, people would leave the site without being accounted for and without signing out.

NPSP had growing expectations and needs to upgrade their systems. The need to stay up-to-date with tech is a priority, which they need to balance with a full age spectrum community.

"Sine has been great for removing the paper-based sign in option which we used previously. It provides a better customer experience, is faster at alerting staff when a visitor arrives, eliminates the old paper sign in method, and assists the Council in meeting WHS induction requirements for visitors."

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

NPSP were having check-in problems in 2 locations; their main reception area at the Town Hall and their service depot. To fix this, Sine installed one all-in-one visitor kiosk in the Town Hall reception and a SinePoint Pro iPad located in the services depot.

This allowed easy check in and check out for all visitors and contractors, while also providing printed badges which included photo ID of all visitors. As a secure government site, the ability to easily identify all visitors is essential.

Instant notifications reduce waiting for visitors

With Sine, NPSP have been able to completely streamline their entire check-in process.

With Sine’s dashboard, NPSP has removed any issues they previously had with tracking who was on and off-site, especially in an emergency situation. Throwing out the oversized paper sign-in book, during emergencies they simply login to the Sine dashboard and can view, manage, and message all visitors and contractors.

Another way NPSP is utilising messaging is notifying employees instantly when a visitor arrives on site. No more unnecessary waiting for visitors!

Lastly, with the all-in-one visitor kiosk and the SinePoint Pro iPads, check-ins are smooth regardless of who is checking out and what their requirements are.