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Delos modernizes event registration process to deliver VIP guest experience

Discover how Delos, a global wellness leader, modernized their event registration process to deliver a VIP guest experience with the help of Sine. This case study highlights the benefits of secure mobile check-ins, custom visitor types, swift notifications, and unique QR invite codes that made event management seamless and secure.

Delos Event Dubai

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With Sine, we easily saved 30+ hours of event planning time and were able to focus on creating the most engaging event possible
Tekha Selim
Vice President, Global Market Development

Using Sine Core Visitor Management for Events

Delos is a global organization focused on the built environment and how spaces impact people’s health and well-being. Their current project portfolio covers an astounding 4.3 billion square feet in 130 countries.  

Their team is committed to making buildings healthier for the humans within them through standards, solutions, technologies, and products.  

Which is why when they needed help creating a streamlined and secure attendee experience at their Future of Health, Wellness & Innovation Forum, Sine Core was an obvious choice. 

Delos Event Dubai
Delos’ event was held at Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Before discovering Sine, Delos struggled with these event registration challenges:

  • Manual registration was unreliable, slowing down attendee experience and disrupting event flow. 
  • There was no central place to categorize attendees and track their status. 
  • They didn’t have a simple way to notify guests of event information / changes. 
  • Top-tier security required all attendees to be registered and verified in advance of the event. 

How Sine helped Delos streamline the event registration process

We shortlisted 600 people for the event and had 342 that we wanted to give seats for. Excel is a great tool, but with Sine you could really focus on the categorization and tracking of all attendees in one place.

The invite-only event, held at the iconic Museum of the Future in Dubai, brought together VIPs from prestigious companies all over the world as well as several governmental organizations. Security was the top priority, and Delos needed a platform to make sure only people who had been invited were allowed entry.  

Easier attendee tracking with custom visitor types 

“We love the ability to set different visitor types. We were able to easily categorize attendees like VIP speakers, organizers, media and so on and track their status. This was extremely helpful.

With an extensive guest list spanning media outlets, government officials, VIPs, speakers, and more, event organizers had a lot to keep track of. Not only would they need to craft unique messages for different attendee groups, but they also wanted to track how many people from each attendee category would be attending. 

Additionally, the team also needed to make sure that only guests who had been explicitly invited by Delos had access to the event.  

Using Sine’s custom visitor types, Delos was able to categorize attendees, craft bespoke invitations with set permissions and easily filter and track their guests’ RSVP status. Each invitation included a unique QR code for the attendee to use upon entry that ensured they were vetted and on the approved list. 

Visitor notifications in a pinch 

As we all know, events never go completely according to plan. When the Delos team needed to accommodate last-minute guest list changes, they were able to cancel invitations and send notifications via the Sine dashboard to let them know their QR code invite would no longer be valid.

A queue-free, secure welcome 

When the big day arrived, all guests needed to do was scan the QR code from their invite at the SinePoint Pro iPad kiosks onsite for swift, seamless entry. With no queues clogging the entrance, attendees had more time to enjoy the forum and organizers could focus on delivering a memorable event.  

The enhanced security that came from each attendee having their own unique QR significantly reduced the chance of forged entry and made Sine a standout solution for both attendee experience and safety. 

The forum was a resounding success, and Delos is already planning an expanded event in 2023. With attendance data and insights from this year’s event at their fingertips thanks to Sine, they are well-equipped to craft another impressive experience for all who attend.