Quick Start Guide

    Getting started with Sine in these easy steps.

    Below are all the steps to take you through the basics: how to set up your Site, the hardware you need to run it, what to plug in where, and how to check-in your first visitor. It’s all part of how Sine works to make visitor management awesome.

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    Getting started doesn’t have to be hard! These videos will help you set up Sine.

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    Sign into your Admin account, set up your Site and start checking in visitors, contractors, staff, couriers or anyone you like quickly.

    An introduction to Sine in 3 minutes

    Welcome to Sine in 3 minutes! See all the major features and gain a high level understanding of Sine visitor & contractor software.

    • How Sine works
    • Major features
    • Integrations
    • Hardware

    Demo Part 1- Set up your Sine Venue Account

    In this video we will walk you through setting up a Site to start using Sine straight away. We will check-in your first  visitor within seconds. (No additional hardware required). Then we will add your company logo, turn on Host notifications and create a custom Entry Form.

    • Create a free trial Admin account
    • Check-In visitors from the web dashboard
    • Create Entry Forms
    • Add your company branding
    • Create a Team

    Demo Part 2 - Further customisation

    In this video we will walk you through Hosts and how they are set up at your Site, pre-registering guests using Invitations and further customisation on your Sine account.

    Full SinePoint Pro set up videos are here.

    Looking to buy a new iPad, iPad stand or badge printer? Or want to know if Sine will work with hardware you already own? Then visit our Sine Store & FAQ’s for more information

    • Set up your Hosts
    • Pre-register guests
    • Run reports
    • Further customisation

    And that’s a quick look at getting started.

    For immediate support, our FAQ and knowledge base is here.