Sine Quickstart Guide

We are here to take you through all the steps to help you get set up quickly and efficiently.


Welcome to Sine!

Discover how Sine works and find out about all the included features, integrations, and hardware for your workplace.

Download our free Sine Quick Overview to get you up to speed quickly.


Getting Started

Get started with Sine and learn how to start up your administrative account, create your team, and set up your site logo and branding.


Check-in forms

Learn how to set up the digital check-in and out forms that your visitor will receive when they check-in, as well as stylising the visitor tabs to suit your individual needs, and set up your printed passes.


Check-in process

Learn how to check your visitor in and out via Sine Web on your computer, Sine Point on your custom iPad, and Sine Pro on your visitors mobile phone. Discover how to send messages, and how to use fast track check-in on your iPad.


Connect your printer

Learn how to set up and configure your Brother badge printer. Connect your printer and learn to print by visitor type, set printing settings, and get help with printer troubleshooting.


Add your hosts

Learn how to add your staff or hosts to you Sine account. Once set up, hosts get notified of a visitors arrival via SMS, email or push notification on the Sine Pro mobile app. Hosts can also invite visitors or contractors to a site in advance.