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Sine Quickstart Guide

Below are all the steps to take you through the basics: how to set up your Site, the hardware you need to run it, what to plug in where, and how to check-in your first visitor. It’s all part of how Sine works to make visitor management awesome.

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Getting started doesn’t have to be hard! These videos will help you set up Sine.

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An introduction to Sine in 3 minutes

Welcome to Sine in 3 minutes! See all the major features and gain a high level understanding of Sine visitor & contractor software.

  • How Sine works
  • Major features
  • Integrations
  • Hardware

Step 1 | Getting started

In this demonstration video we learn how to get started with Sine, including starting up your administrative account, creating your team, and setting up your site logo.

Check-out the full SinePoint Pro set up videos.

  • Create a free trial admin account

  • Create your team

  • Set up site logo

Step 2 | Check-in forms

In this video we learn how to set up the digital check-in and out forms that your visitor will receive when they check-in, as well as stylising our visitor tabs to suit your individual needs, and setting up your printed passes.

Check-out the full SinePoint Pro set up videos.

  • Set up check-in forms.

  • Set up check-out forms.

  • Customise your visitor tabs.

  • Set up printed passes.

Step 3 | Three ways to check-in explained

In this video we learn the three ways a visitor can sign in to your site: Sine Web on your computer, Sine Point on your custom Sine iPad, and Sine Pro on your visitors personal mobile phone. We also teach you how to check your visitor in and out, send them messages using your Sine Web app, and how to use fast track check-in on your Sine Point iPad.

  • Check visitors in and out, via the web page.

  • Send direct messages to your visitors.

  • Check visitors in and out, via Sine Point.

  • Download Sine Pro mobile app.

  • Check in and out, via Sine Pro app

Step 4 | Connect your Brother Badge Printer

In this video we learn how to set up and configure your Brother badge printer. A full guide on printing is here.

Visit our Sine Store for an annual supply of labels at the best value rates. 

  • Connecting a Brother Badge Printer 

  • Print by Visitor Type

  • Printing Settings

  • Printer Troubleshooting

Step 5 | Add your Hosts

Learn how to add your staff or Hosts to you Sine account. Once set up, Hosts get notified of a visitors arrival via SMS, email or push notification on the Sine Pro mobile app. Hosts can also Invite visitors or contractors to a Site in advance.

Get the full guide on Hosts here.

  • Add Hosts manually, via CSV or Active Directory

  • Hosts can claim their account to Invite visitors to your Site

  • Choose the way you would like to up load Hosts

  • Add yourself as a Host and give it a test!

  • Unlock the power of Invites

Need help with Sine?

Read our FAQs and knowledgebase, or submit a support request, ask a question, suggest a new feature.