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15 time-consuming office tasks you can (and should) automate

Nearly every department, from the reception staff up to the C-suite, can benefit from automating certain tasks. Here are some of the tasks that businesses should consider automating.
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The QR Code is BACK! Visitor and Contractor Management Redefined

QR codes are similar to barcodes in that they are black and white codes that can be scanned by a machine (in this instance, a smart-phone) in order to obtain or provide information.
building construction

When it comes to managing attendance on a construction site, safety is paramount.

Taking appropriate and actionable steps to prevent, or reduce the likelihood, of incidents can not only create a cohesive community of safety within a workplace but can help prevent hefty non-compliance costs.
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How a visitor management system enables a better reception area experience

To create a better reception experience and to deliver a customer experience that is effective, easy and enjoyable every time—Sine can help.
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Queues? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Are you a corporate, a business hosting an event, a conference or education facility or a training provider? Do you host events and sessions that your attendees have to queue for in order to check in, have their name ticked off and get a name badge for before they are allowed to enter the room? […]
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New Zealand: Will your business be ready for the new health and safety laws?

The new Health and Safety at Work Act comes into effect on April 4, 2016 – just four months away. So the message is, don’t wait, make sure your business is ready in time for the new laws.
Office check-in system

5 reasons to change from paper to a digital visitor book

Digital visitor books are the way forward. The cost, risk and inconvenience of paper sign-in books no longer makes sense for business.
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Visitor management at my office building. A fresh approach...

Visitor management at a multi-tenant building can be a complex and time-consuming process. Visitors and guests arriving at a large office tower or facility can be confronted with long queues and waiting times when they arrive to see their host or to undertake works as a contractor.
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Australia’s tech talent is as good as anywhere in the world

If technology has its way, a teacher calling the roll at school could very well become a thing of the past, with students checked in via their smartphone as soon as they enter the school gate. This is just one potential use for Sine, a visitor management system founded in Adelaide.
Sine Calendar Integration

Q&A: How you can quickly pre-register event guests

If you have a lot of guests arriving in large groups to your front desk, do you ever get huge lines and large groups waiting in front of you to sign-in?
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Digital check-in systems: a quick overview

If your visitors and contractors are repeat and frequent entrants to your company then you may find the same people re-entering their details at the front desk or contractor loading bay many times over. This is a familiar theme and one where your visitors could be kept waiting in a long line or as a group of visitors waiting to sign-in to a visitor book.
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Custom visitor entry processes made easy

The benefits of an electronic visitor management system are that you can display custom entry processes to both visitor, contractors and staff as they enter your facility.
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