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Enhance safety, security and compliance for all staff and visitors who enter your campus

Sine Education Desk

Visitor management software for schools, universities, and higher education

Empowers education facilities with digital solutions to verify all visitors, track campus activity, send mass alert communications, and demonstrate compliance across all sites.

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Trusted by thousands of educational institutions around the world
“Checking visitors in and out is a breeze thanks to this setup! [I like] everything [about Sine] because it’s so awesome!”
Kerrie J
Director of Finance & Administration
“Sine is a stand-in for a function that would otherwise be accomplished with personnel or other, more expensive, more complicated software. It seems like the perfect solution to fit our needs.”
Dave P
Network Supervisor
“Loving it! Easy to use and set up, great customisation, support teams are helpful and you can tell it is important to them that you get the best experience out of the Sine system.”
Lucila P
Academy Principal
“Happy as Larry! As an Ops Manager, I don’t need to worry about my sites as I can check online who has attended and what time, it gives me all the information straight away.”
Violeta L
Operations Manager
“[My favourite Sine feature is] being able to identify which trades/contractors or guests are on site at any given time. Great for use in an evacuation situation where we need to identify non-residents on the premises.”
Leanne R
Student Resident Manager
“[Sine] relieves the receptionist from signing everybody in and having to contact the employee to advise of their arrival.”
Emeka O
Ambassador for The Technology Innovation Scholars Program

Benefits of going digital

Real-time visibility of everybody checked into your campus

Empower reception staff to manage your school entrance with flexible visitor types that allow for a fully custom check-in process and powerful reporting features for record keeping.

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monitor attendance
Know your visitors

Always know who’s on campus and spot unauthorized visitors with our real-time dashboard and custom badges.

visitor management
Impress everyone

Make a powerful first impression by wowing visitors with leading edge technology right at the front door.

Run reports

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on who’s visiting, why they visited, and they left.

Emergency notifications

Promptly notify staff and visitors in case of a drill or real emergency and print or email live evacuation lists of all active passes on site.

Safety in numbers

Gain full visibility over your campus(es) and monitor activity in real-time.

Sine Descartes

Protect all those on campus

Screen all your visitors against the US offender registry upon check-in.
The Sine + MK Denial integration can automatically verify and send notifications to warn staff of the arrival of an unwanted guest.

Full of Grade-A features to protect your campus

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Simple check-in

Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine free mobile apps at all your sites.

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Site geofencing

Set up a virtual perimeter around your workplace to enable automatic check-in and out.

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Instant notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with messages.

prescreening icon

Ensure health and safety by gathering key information before check-in.

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Reporting and analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on the purpose of your guest’s visit.

invites icon

Invite your guests to fast track their check-in on arrival for meetings, seminars and events.

inductions icon

Have visitors confirm NDAs, fire evacuation procedures, health and safety processes and more.

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Badge printing

Print badges for visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host, and pre-print for invited visitors.

A new school of thought for visitor management

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance
for your visitors, contractors & staff