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Contactless front desk check-in for your visitors

Contactless front desk check-in for your visitors

scan track code

Instant QR
When a visitor arrives, they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check-in on the iPad.

Customise for different visitors
Tailor the check-in process for all your different visitor types, so that everyone is shown the information, and has answered the questions that are relevant to them.

Vaccination pre-screening
Collect critical health information and screen visitors, contractors and staff on check-in.

scan track code

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The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

“We needed a robust, COVID-safe electronic visitor management system — Sine offered the best solution.”

Oscar N
Director, Facilities & Emergency Management


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Prescreen visitors with COVID-19 questions

Go one step further and use Sine Workflows to prescreen and gain key COVID-19 information, like immunisation documents, from your visitors before they check in. Put access requests in a ‘pending’ state and approve or reject on a case-by-case basis or automatically.

Any medical records uploaded to Sine are subject to local laws and companies should check the requirements in their local jurisdiction.

international visitor

QR code check-in

Place check-in banners containing unique QR codes at your Site to remind contractors to check-in and out. Contractors scan the local QR code and their location is checked in real time against the geofence for an additional layer of security.

Make safety a priority

View lists of personnel on site in case of a drill or real emergency and instantly message contractors with alerts, emergency, or health and safety messages. Ensure contractors view and understand all safety and induction information.

safety inductions
Keep everyone safe

Display evacuation diagrams and safety forms that you require visitors to view and confirm on check-in and check-out.

Sine Badge Printing
ID badge printing

Print badges for visitors on check-in, and pre-print for invited visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host.

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Real-time notifications

Automatically notify the right person when a visitor arrives like site managers when someone arrive at site.


Read and make notes on your visitor’s temperature

Thermal Check: Temperature scanning for USA

Add an extra layer of site protection and get accurate readings of all visitor and staff temperatures. Accept or reject site access based on the temperate recording from the Sine dashboard.

Thermal Check is a USA feature only

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