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Simple visitor management for health and aged care that’s safe, secure, and compliant

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Make it easy for residents, visitors, and healthcare professionals

A robust visitor management system like Sine can help health and aged care facilities safeguard their site and ensure all relevant personnel are compliant with workplace specific policies.

From small aged care facilities to national hospitals, Sine has you covered.

Enhance safety and security for your facilities.

Easy to use for residents, visitors, contractors, and healthcare professionals.

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Take compliance management to the next level 

Vaccine pre-screening: Use Sine Workflows to pre-screen and gain essential COVID-19 information, like immunization documents from your visitors before they check in.

Contractor management and Sine Workflows: Ensure only approved contractors or visitors enter your site after completing the relevant workflow. Ideal for creating inductions, permits, SWMS, access requests, and inspections.

“Sine is fantastic! It has automated the process of collecting and validating flu vaccine certificates, has greatly improved our visitor management and reporting, and removed the need for our old paper-based check-in system.”
Craig R
“We needed a robust, COVID-safe electronic visitor management system – Sine offered the best solution.”
Oscar N
Director, Facilities and Emergency Management
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Benefits of going digital

Exactly what the doctor ordered

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Automatic badge printing

Hands-off badge printing allows reception staff to focus on more important tasks.

Custom health screening

Create custom screening questions for anybody entering your facility.

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Auto-checkin for staff

Sine’s geofencing feature can automatically check in staff when they enter the site.

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Improved security and privacy

Ensure visitor privacy and your site security by replacing your paper and pen sign in system.

Facility insights and reporting

Uncover opportunities to streamline occupant, visitor and contractor experiences.

automated compliance
Automated compliance

Set up automatic flows, expiration reminders, and have a central location for compliance information. 

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QR code check-in

Place check-in banners containing unique QR codes at your Site to remind contractors to check-in and out. Contractors scan the local QR code and their location is checked in real time against the geofence for an additional layer of security.

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Make safety a priority

View lists of personnel on site in case of a drill or real emergency and instantly message contractors with alerts, emergency, or health and safety messages. Ensure contractors view and understand all safety and induction information.

On-demand Webinar

Healthcare: A Guide to Facilities Management

Join Sine and Honeywell for a webinar to discover how visitor management systems can enhance health and safety requirements in the healthcare sector.

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Streamline on-site compliance requirements

Track and report on all active visitors at one site or a portfolio of sites, and generate reports by company, name or purpose of visit or any search criteria you set, and share them with your colleagues. Sine helps to maintain visibility across visitors to determine the length of their stay on site and can help ensure nobody is overstaying their visit.

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Visitor types

Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process within that site.

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Visitor badges

Print badges for visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host, and pre-print for invited visitors.

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Real-time notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with messages.

Manage your health and aged care facility with Sine

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.