Safeguard aged care residents

Keep your residents safe and secure and make it easy for visitors to visit

Check in all types of visitors

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests.
Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process within that specific site or zone.

Keep everyone safe

Display evacuation diagrams and safety forms that you require visitors to view and confirm on check-in and check-out.

Sine Badge Printing
ID badge printing

Print badges for visitors on check-in, and pre-print for invited visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host.

Real-time notifications

Automatically notify the right person when a visitor arrives like site managers when someone arrive at site.

Security enabled

Improve security at site with Face Check facial recognition. Allow for even faster check out of regular visitors just using their face.

Trusted by thousands of companies around the world
“Management are able to find out what staff movements are if they are not in the office. It looks smart and takes up little room on the Reception counter.”
Roberto M
Quality Engineer
“Easy to use and track guests. The ability to manage multiple sites from one dashboard is definitely a plus.”
Frances G
“I like how Sine sends alerts to emails to advise me when I am not in the office that someone is onsite here to see me.”
Cosimo B
Facilities Manager
“The setup was easy, and the customer service was great. We have had no issues explaining the process. or with customers figuring it out.”
Will B
“Easy setup, a great knowledge base with pertinent info, the product is exactly as depicted. Visitors compliment the new check-in system often.”
Tyson S
Project Officer SharePoint/ Systems

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