Organise your establishment

Handle customers and visitors with ease and take advantage of geofencing with the mobile app.


Check in all types of visitors

visitor types hospitality

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests.
Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process.

visitor types hospitality
asset tracking
Track your assets

Scan and track assets to stay aware of where your equipment is and include reminders to return on check-out.

Run reports & analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on who’s visiting, why they visited, and they left.

safety inductions
Keep everyone safe

Display evacuation diagrams and safety forms that you require visitors to view and confirm on check-in and check-out.

face check

Security enabled

Improve security at site with Face Check facial recognition. Allow for even faster check out of regular visitors just using their face.

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Trusted by thousands of hospitality and retail companies around the world
“With the manual system, people did not want to use it. With Sine, they have to complete [a form] to enter and you have clear, concise information. ”
James L
Front Office Duty Manager
“[The best thing about Sine is] simplicity. It does the job and is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.”
Chris L
Operations Manager

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