A visitor management system for the modern workplace

Upgrade your visitor management system to streamline your front desk and enhance safety, security, and compliance.

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What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a platform that allows companies of any size to streamline the people flows within their workplace. Visitor management offers enhanced safety, security, and compliance while creating a smooth check-in process for visitors.

FAQ Background

How do visitor management systems help companies?

Visitor management systems enable companies to control the flow of people within their workplace. A visitor management system will provide data of the people checking in and out of a workplace while offering additional features like required form completions, badge printing, and arrival notifications.

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Implement a visitor management system like Sine today

Thousands of businesses use Sine’s visitor management system to enhance their workplace safety, security, and compliance.

Mobile check-in

Geofence your site, check in visitors, and receive instant notifications using the Sine mobile app.

iPad on the front desk

Print badges, capture photo ID, and sign NDA’s with the Sine iPad app for instant check-in.

Live web dashboard

View live activity, send messages, and run reports right from the easy-to-use Sine dashboard.

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Sine’s visitor management system features

electronic visitor management system
Streamlined sign in

Replace paper sign-in sheets with more secured, streamlined processes.

office check-in system
Workplace management

Monitor and manage workplace people flows and keep track of the types of visitors entering your buildings.

visitor management features
Time and attendance

Monitor time and attendance with ease and upkeep a positive customer experience.

guest management system
ID visitor badges

Easily identify guests with digital and printable ID visitor badges.

enterprise visitor management system
Multiple sites and locations

Flexible management of multiple sites and locations.

visitor management tools

Ensures compliance through the display of non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams, and other documents.

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Download our
Visitor Management Guide

A useful quick overview of how Sine’s visitor management can benefit your company.

FAQ Background

Visitor management systems for all industries and company sizes

Create a workplace where everyone feels welcomed with Sine’s visitor management system.

Visitors management system icon
Visitor management

Welcome your visitors with a solution that monitors attendance and improves safety.

Staff management system icon
Staff management

Provide a safe workplace, manage time and attendance, keep payroll in check, and seamlessly return to work.

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Be Sine Safe

The simplest way to return to work during COVID-19 and keep your employees safe and healthy.

Enterprise visitor management system icon
Enterprise solution

All you need to know about deploying Sine to your enterprise. Security, support, and privacy.

Integrations to take your visitor management to the next level

Integrate all your tools with Sine for an efficient running workplace. From access control to external watchlists, Sine helps connect your tools and automate your processes to eradicate manual data entry and minimise repetitive tasks. Use Sine’s out-of-the-box webhook to get started or leverage Sine’s native integrations.

Visitor management system integrations

Visitor Management System FAQs

Why are visitor management systems important?

Visitor management systems are important for all businesses. Knowing who is on-site in real-time and why they’re there ensures that your building stays secure and your people stay safe. Paper sign-in books are very quickly becoming obsolete with the growing needs of companies and the time they take to upkeep.

What’s the difference between a sign-in book and digital visitor management?

A sign-in book is a log of all the people who have visited a site and when they checked out. It doesn’t offer any additional features and is not safe or secure. A digital visitor management system offers everything a visitor management book does plus ensures that all data is secure and your workplace is safe. With a visitor management system, you can increase the security of a site, improve safety and get a birds-eye view of all your sites both manned and unmanned.

How do I set up my Sine visitor management system?

Getting started with Sine is simple. In only a few steps you can set up your site and have your iPad ready to check visitors in! Read our getting started guide.

What are the risks of using visitor sign in books?

There are a number of risks associated with visitor sign-in books. To begin with, they offer little by way of data privacy. With a full record of everyone in and out of your site, plus their contact details, right there at your reception desk for anyone to peruse. Depending on your businesses’ location this can even place you in breach of GDPR legislation. In addition, they do not offer any security or screening for people coming into your workplace. In modern times, and with security front of mind for many businesses, a paper visitor logbook can be a significant weakness in the physical security controls meant to protect your workplace — a risk that is no longer tenable for most organisations.

How do I set up my Sine visitor management system?

Getting started with Sine is simple. In only a few steps you can set up your workplace and have visitors checking in. Request a live demo.

Manage your workplace with Sine

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.