Streamlined Access Integration for Staff, Contractors and Visitors

Sine Access cuts through the complexity of integrating to access control systems

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Bringing a friendly face to access control

Access enables a faster, more streamlined people flow. Allowing users to access credentials in a variety of ways.

For one-off visitors, a QR code can be printed to their badge, while longer-term users can keep Bluetooth credentials in the Sine Pro mobile app.

A flexible framework for all your occupants

Modern workplaces are welcoming higher volumes of people than ever before, and balancing more stringent compliance and security requirements.

Intelligent building systems have evolved to tackle this complexity, but they fall short of providing a simple, cohesive user experience.

From low touch, web and SMS experiences for one-off visitors through to mobile app-based solutions for occupants and regular contractors—Sine Access solves the complexity to provide experiences that users love, without compromising essential security and compliance needs.

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Security and compliance in real-time

Mobile credentials provide a tight link to an individual’s identity, leveraging multi-factor authentication and higher encryption levels.

With smart, remote activation and deactivation of credentials, Access provides real-time means to manage compliance.

While Core and Workfows ensure essential forms and inductions are completed before check-in is allowed, and credentials are issued.

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Built for the future

The access control eco-system is diverse, with an ever-increasing number of platforms and providers to choose from.

Access is built to integrate with all major access control vendors, utilising a flexible, future-proofed platform that is built to expand with the access control market.

Prioritising a repeatable, partner-friendly methodology, Access ensures a people-first experience remains the focus.

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