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Move aside visitor sign in books - Schools are moving toward the future

By Lorelle KellowSenior Graphic Designer
Published on November 27, 2018

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Many Schools are moving away from traditional sign-in books and bringing in electronic Visitor Management Systems. By doing this, they gain an overview of who is currently at the school, plus powerful reporting functionality. That's where Sine comes in!

Scotch College, Perth, speak about the benefits of implementing Sine. Firstly, greater transparency & privacy of visitors on campus. Next, the ability to pre-load invitations and finally, keeping track of inducted contractors who are checked-in.

An iPad or QR code poster can be set up in different locations or sub reception areas around the college. This ensures all visitors and contractors can sign in with ease. The active directory (AD) of staff is linked to Sine, which means a visitor can select the staff member they are here to see. The staff member is then notified by email or SMS of the visitors arrival. 

Check out the Scotch College, Perth, case study to learn more about how Sine is powering Schools.

scotch college ipad set up
scotch college set up