We’ve released a whole range of new features to give you even more flexibility and functionality to manage hosts at your site.

Hosts are the core of your visitor experience, but no two businesses are the same. With these new features, you’ll be able to customise your host and visitor experience to perfectly fit your operational requirements.

Private Hosts

Manage sensitive host information and protect the privacy of your employees with Private Hosts. Whether they’re confidential employees who should not be known to work in a building. Or upper management who are only seen by appointment. Private Hosts gives you the flexibility to hide certain hosts from public-facing devices. Such as the iPad or Sine Pro mobile app. All while maintaining essential functionality to invite visitors.

If you would like to set up private host groups for your site, you can read more here.

Invite Hosts

Are you working in a multi-tenant building that uses Sine? Chances are you may find yourself meeting with staff from other businesses in your building!

With Invite Hosts, you can now invite other hosts from within the same Sine environment to meetings using the [email protected] integration. The system will recognise any other invitees who are also hosts at your site. When confirming invites, you will now be given the option to toggle whether any hosts should receive an invite. This means you can spare your colleagues from receiving an unnecessary invite but still ensure anyone working for another business in your Sine environment will receive their invite to attend.

Get started with host invitations now with this handy guide.


Another update to improve how you manage invites through Sine. Appointees enable you to designate a colleague to create and manage your calendar and invitations on your behalf. While many assistants may have access to their manager’s calendar to send meeting invites from, they do not have access to their emails to confirm these invitations through Sine.

Now, you can add an Appointee to a Host’s profile in Sine, allowing them to receive invitation confirmation emails and complete these on the host’s behalf.

Read more about setting up appointees for your site.

Delegate access to accept and reject

Looking to have visitors check-in to see hosts but can’t have all your hosts accepting and rejecting check-ins? Delegate access to accept and reject allows you to assign a delegate for a host so that they can manage the approvals of check-ins while still allowing that host to be selected during the check-in process.

This is a great way to screen check-in requests and allow host selection, without burdening all your hosts with the need to approve check-ins. For example, you could assign your front desk staff as delegates for all your hosts so that they can still manage the check-in process while having visitors directly check-in with the host they have arrived to see.

Get started with delegate access to accept and reject now, with our setup guide.