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Deliver a frictionless, futuristic visitor journey with Integriti + Sine

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on March 21, 2022

Access control is essential for managing and securing the modern workplace.

For many years, systems have evolved to enable access through secure areas for employees and protect valuable assets, both physical and intellectual. However, many systems have struggled to provide adequate security and access controls for visitors to workplaces.

Too often, these systems become unnecessarily complex to enforce effective controls for all potential use cases. And now, on top of that, there are concerns around contactless solutions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Sine + Inner Range, contactless access control is now simple – for all your visitors.

What is Inner Range Integriti?

Integriti is the latest technology platform from Inner Range, designed to be simple and scalable. The modular design allows the platform to grow with businesses, anywhere from small sites through to large multi-campus institutions.

The easy to use system enables you to manage security areas and operate access control permissions using card readers or graphic keypads, all through a simple, central user interface.

The Integriti system also offers a number of state-of-the-art integrations to provide powerful access control and automation.

This is where Sine comes in!

Secure your site, with Sine + Inner Range

With Sine you can provision access credentials for Integriti’s access control system to visitors and contractors arriving on-site, during check-in through Sine.

Add an additional layer of security to your site by issuing visitors with a personalised QR code which can be deactivated after the duration of their visit.

Manage Sine registered visitors with automatically generated Integriti permission assignments to map your visitor’s journey and guide people directly to their host. With Sine + Integriti you can automate the journey from your lobby, through lifts and turnstiles to ensure visitors get where they need to go – and stay away from the areas they don’t.

Sine + Inner Range features

Sine check-in badge

Unique QR code

When a visitor checks-in, they will receive a text message with a link on it for a unique temporary QR code that is also printed on their badge.

scan qr icon

Scan to have access

When the visitor presents the phone or printable QR code to approved access gates, they are granted access. On their way out, they present the badge at the exit access gate and will be automatically checked out and the QR code deactivated.

invitations icon

Easy pre-registration

Invite guests with our seamless calendar integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Create group invites via the web Sine dashboard.

notification icon

Host notifications

When a visitor checks in at site, hosts can receive an instant alert via SMS, email, and the Sine Pro app prompting them to approve the visitor. Once approved, a badge will be printed. Reception can also activate the printing of badges from the web dashboard if required.


  • Extend site security systems to manage visitors and contractors
  • Efficiently manage multiple access points and multi-tenant buildings
  • Unique QR codes for scan and access
  • Streamlined check-in process with integrated access control and visitor management
  • Visibility and tracking of visitor and contractor movements through your facility straight from the Sine Dashboard

The Sine + Inner Range check-in journey

1. The visitor is invited through Sine to arrive on site for their meeting.

2. An Integriti permission assignment is granted to the visitor based on the host they are seeing.

3. The visitor arrives and checks in, their permissions are activated.

4. The visitor proceeds through the turnstile.

5. Then they take the lift, where they are guided to Level 20 to see their host.

6. After their meeting, they proceed back to the lobby and check-out.

7. Their credentials are expired.

Sine Inner Range Check in Journey
With Sine + Integriti you can automate the journey from your lobby, through lifts and turnstiles to ensure visitors get where they need to go — and stay away from the areas they don’t.

Get started today, book a demo with our team to see how Sine + Inner Range can secure your business!