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Tackling frequently asked questions about Sine's Vaccination Tracker

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on October 6, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our workplaces. Australia is in the middle of rolling out one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns ever.

Here at Sine, we strive to understand and design solutions to address challenges our customers face today in managing their workplaces. To help our customers, we have released Vaccination Tracker for Australian customers as an addition to Workflows.

Vaccination Tracker is designed to assist you in applying their internal policies and to assist in addressing new regulations by providing the remote tracking of vaccination records, COVID-19 tests and access to sites.

Under Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), COVID-19 vaccination status is considered sensitive health information and should be handled with higher privacy protections. Before deploying Vaccination Tracker, you should review the OAIC’s guidance on collecting COVID-19 vaccination status under Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and consult with your legal counsel on your obligations.

We built Vaccination Tracker with compliance in mind. We offer templates for collecting consent from individuals and security designed to help you protect the data you collect. But Vaccination Tracker is also customizable, allowing you to tailor Workflows to your needs. Although Sine cannot assume our customer’s many and varied compliance obligations, we strive to design our solution to assist our customers with their real-world issues and challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Please find below some questions and answers to assist you in better understanding Vaccination Tracker:

Can Workflows allow me to track vaccination records such as influenza or COVID-19?

Yes, customers can use Workflows and Sine's newly released Vaccination Tracker to ask questions of its site visitors and collect documents as required by its policies and/or applicable regulations.

Do employees and visitors have to come to the site to submit proof of vaccination or test results?

No, Vaccination Tracker can collect information from visitors through questionnaires filled out on our website or mobile application prior to planned site access. You send an email, they fill out the questionnaire, and you get their responses immediately.

Is Sine’s Vaccination Tracker compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles?

Vaccination Tracker is designed as a tool to assist our customers administer and track their compliance obligations–including with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”). This being said, Vaccination Tracker is just one component of your compliance with the APPs. Because our Workflows are customizable, every customer’s compliance obligations are unique to them and ultimately the customer’s responsibility to facilitate and review.

Does Sine’s Vaccination Tracker allow for the upload and storage of vaccination records?

Yes, our customers can use this solution to capture images uploaded by its visitors and employees, including images of vaccination documents.

Who will have access to the vaccination records stored in Sine?

You control who within your organization can access the vaccination records you collect. Sine has designed its solution so that we do not need to access sensitive customer data (such as vaccine records) unless you provide us direction to do so for actions such as service support.

What country will the vaccination record be stored in?

For Australian customers, our hosting environment is in Australia.

How are you protecting vaccination records?

Sine understands the importance of customer trust. We use leading cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services to host your data. Our solution is designed with security in mind, using industry-standard encryption and security methods with the goal of protecting customer data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

How long will the vaccination records be stored in Sine and can they be downloaded?

We keep records that you collect for the life of the contract or until you delete it. Site administrators are able to manage Workflows and all data held in the solution according to their own record retention and preservation policies.

Can I use Sine’s Vaccination Tracker to obtain consents to collect, store and use the vaccination records?

Yes, the Vaccination Tracker has a template consent that the customer can customize for its needs. As with all of our Workflows, the Vaccination Tracker is customizable to customer needs. Depending on your use case, you may want to ask for a more detailed consent or you may want to present additional privacy policies or disclosures.

Who decides what requirements are necessary to enter my site?

You do. In Workflows you can set the requirements as to who can enter your site and what requirements they need to meet prior to being cleared.

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