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Australia’s tech talent is as good as anywhere in the world

If technology has its way, a teacher calling the roll at school could very well become a thing of the past, with students checked in via their smartphone as soon as they enter the school gate. This is just one potential use for Sine, a visitor management system founded in Adelaide.
Sine Calendar Integration

Q&A: How you can quickly pre-register event guests

If you have a lot of guests arriving in large groups to your front desk, do you ever get huge lines and large groups waiting in front of you to sign-in?
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Digital check-in systems: a quick overview

If your visitors and contractors are repeat and frequent entrants to your company then you may find the same people re-entering their details at the front desk or contractor loading bay many times over. This is a familiar theme and one where your visitors could be kept waiting in a long line or as a group of visitors waiting to sign-in to a visitor book.
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