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Digital check-in systems: a quick overview

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on September 4, 2015

Why are a growing number of workplaces ditching paper and pen sign-in sheets and opting for a digital check-in system?

In this blog post, we'll look at what a digital check-in system is, how it works, and how you, your team - and everyone who checks-into your site - can benefit from using one.

What is a digital check-in system and how does it work?

A digital check-in system (also known as an electronic sign-in system), digitizes and automates visitor check-in on arrival to your site. It digitizes and automates key parts of your visitor management process, helping you save time and improve productivity.

Online check-in systems also allow visitors to check in through digital platforms such as the web, an iPad, and mobile phones all while enabling the end-user to pre-register large volumes of guests and easily keep track of who is on-site and why.

Digital workplace systems

Key features of a digital check-in system

When looking to digitize your visitor check-in system, it is important to implement a solution that is suitable for your workplace. However, there are some key features to consider that will help your new digital check-in system running smoothly:

  • A check-in app for mobile and iPad that allows visitors to seamlessly and electronically check-in
  • A live web dashboard where the front desk team or hosts can see who has checked in/out and who is currently on site, in real-time.
  • Custom entry forms and questions that visitors are required to fill out prior to check-in
  • Host alerts when the visitor has arrived and checked in
  • Flexible badge printing and the ability to easily verify identification
  • Ability to pre-register and invite guests to your site to save time upon check-in
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How can an electronic check-in system benefit my workplace?

Of course, when evaluating the benefits of an electronic check-in system, it is unquestionable that it helps free up time for front desk staff alongside providing a seamless and memorable visitor experience. For instance, an employee being interrupted throughout the day to constantly facilitate a visitor's arrival may have a diminishing impact on their ability to regain focus and complete high-priority tasks.

But what about other key stakeholders in the company? It may not be obvious at first glance, but implementing a digital visitor management system may help streamline otherwise manual tasks, help employees focus on what's important to them, and help ensure compliance protocols are being met.

Likewise, for managerial stakeholders of the company that are responsible for ensuring compliance procedures and workplace policies are being met, a digital check-in system can reveal who is currently on site and be able to reject visitors automatically or on a case-by-case basis. These benefits can even be reflected onto contractors, vendors, and externally sourced employees as it can help ensure their safety and enable a better overall customer experience.

Companies may start to realize a whole host of other benefits as a result of digitizing their check-in systems, namely:

  • Enables decision-makers to easily implement policies and site-specific requirements that are tailored to visitors, contractors, or staff.
  • Assist companies in saving admin time by reducing the hours spent by manually checking in guests and create a memorable visitor experience
  • Reduce queues in your waiting areas and create opportunity for seamless visitor flows
  • Quickly and easily communicate your workplace visitor policies, even before visitors enter your site.

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