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Visitor and Contractor Management for Facilities

Enhance safety, efficiency and compliance for your visitors, contractors and staff.

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Smarter buildings start with Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management

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Enabling a whole host of benefits

Automatic badge printing

Hands-off badge printing allows reception staff to focus on more important tasks.

Building access control

Helping people to move swiftly and smoothly within your site.

Auto-checkin for staff

Sine’s geofencing feature can automatically check in staff when they enter the site.

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Powerful tools to help make compliance easier

Sine Core + Sine Workflows help take the heavy lifting out from compliance processes.

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Sine CRE webinar

on-demand webinar

How to prepare your building for the workplace of the future

Join Honeywell for an on-demand webinar to discover the various strategies around navigating employee expectations in RTO, alongside future-proofing your workplace by enhancing occupant experiences.

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Check-in everyone on site with tailored requirements

When it comes to facility management, there is no one-size-fits-all check-in flow. Create visitor types for your particular needs and assign custom check-in flows and requirements for each to provide tailored experiences while on-site. Keep tabs on everybody on site for complete site visibility, even when you’re not on site.

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Emergency Notifications

Help people move with access control

Seamlessly provide quick and convenient access to authorized workers and help prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your workplace.

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Integrate with platforms you already use

 Third-party platforms to streamline your work and help eradicate manual data entry.

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