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Check in all types of visitors

visitor types facilities

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for all your staff and guests.
Choose from multiple visitor types or create your own custom labels. Each visitor type can trigger a different entry process within that specific site or zone.

visitor types facilities
mobile ready
Mobile Ready

Use the mobile app to skip the queue and check in using location services or scanning site posters.

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Up to date compliance

Display non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams, health and safety processes for visitors to confirm.

Invites & pre-registration

Send invites to guests to fast track their check-in on arrival. Perfect for meetings, seminars and events.

face check

Security enabled

Improve security at site with Face Check facial recognition. Allow for even faster check out of regular visitors just using their face.

Trusted by thousands of commercial real estate companies around the world
“Sine has enabled us to have greater real-time visibility of our workforce to better service our customers.”
Reymond K
National Property Manager
“We trialled SINE during a quiet period which I highly recommend as with any new system. Managers and Security staff who all sit in different sections/buildings enjoy the fact that they can look upon their own computer and see who is on-site or expected to arrive. ”
Brooke L
“What a fantastic product! Sine has completely transformed the way we manage our visitors and contractors.”
Trudi W
WHS Senior Manager
“I love that it has a ‘return visitor’ function. It makes it very easy for our regulars to check-in.”
Tim O
Workplace Manager
“Sine’s ability to monitor visitors removes the need for the reception and time spent informing staff of guest arrival. ”
Colin M
Centre Manager
“The installation of the Sine sign-in system in our reception area has allowed us to remove a manual sign-in book and phone in our reception area.”
Mel S
Facilities Administration Manager

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