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Check-out on Sine just got even faster with QR coded badges

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on August 21, 2017

Sine has released a update that now allows you to print badges with QR codes. We’ve put together a quick video highlighting these changes or, if you prefer, you can read all about the new update below.

QR Coded Badges

example of qr code badge

To help speed up the process of checking-out, and improve workplace time management, Sine has added a new feature to their printed badges. QR codes are now automatically assigned to every label badge printed from a Brother™ printer that can be scanned on the iPad to initiate check out. This new feature will allow your visitor to check-out via Sinepoint Pro without having to fill out a single detail. Instead, at the flash of a badge, the iPad will take note of their unique QR code and check them out immediately.

How else does this feature work for you? Previously, your visitors were identified by their mobile number or email address, and used this information to check out. Here at Sine, we heard what you had to say about checking-out, for those who do not have a mobile or email. Now your visitor only needs a printed badge, and their own individual QR, for a speedy, secure, check-out. Just one of the many ways we are trying to make it easier and safer for you, your staff, your students, and your visitors. 

So how do you get QR badge check-out working for you? Simply update your SinePoint Pro App to the latest version to activate the iPad scanner.

visitor badge with brother printer

If you would like to learn how to set up your badges for printing, we have written a detailed instruction guide that is available from our help website. Sine has also recently updated our printers, with the new devices available for purchase from our store