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Sine and Christian Schools

Sine improves check-in at CSA SA State Conference 2019

By Lorelle KellowSenior Graphic Designer
Published on August 1, 2019


Key Statistics:

  • 1,200 attendees
  • 8 seconds average check-in per person
  • 50 minutes to check-in all attendees

What is the CSA SA State Conference?

Tyndale Christian School in conjunction with Christian Schools Australia hosts the largest school conference in South Australia called the CSA SA State Conference.

The event attracts 1,200 state school delicates who gather to create an excellent opportunity to challenge and encourage the Christian schools of SA.

“Our 2019 CSA SA State Conference was a great success. It was our biggest event ever, bringing together 1300 staff from Christian schools across the state. The Keynote speakers were exceptional, and it proved to be an outstanding time of learning, challenge and community”

Mark Ryan, Executive Officer of CSA

The event features keynote speakers, seminars, workshops, and an expo floor!

Sine’s Eventbrite integration was brought on board to handle the large amounts of check-ins required for an event this size.

Event check-in's normally a terrible experience

We were approached by Tyndale Christian School, an existing client, who loved how well Sine was working at their current sites to implement the Sine system at the event.

It just so happened, around the same time we had announced our Sine + Eventbrite integration, which would aim to improve an events check-in process. So, it was a good fit.

Prior to using Sine, CSA SA State Conference had a very manual and labour intensive process.

Staff would download the attendee list before the event and manually enter and print all the badges. Then, early on the morning of the event, they would bring in Year 7 students to attach lanyards to the badges and separate them on long tables based on which schools were attending. From there, they would have a whole team of staff and students manually checking people off the attendee list and handing out badges.

The whole process was very lengthy, leaving people with long wait times to enter the event. If they didn’t get there early enough, they may have missed the first keynote.

A successful check-in process with the Sine + Eventbrite integration

With the Sine + Eventbrite integration, CSA SA State Conference was able to drastically reduce the time it took to check-in and as a result, received positive feedback from attendees on the experience.

Their new check-in process went like this:

The attendee turns up to the event - walks to one of the iPads - scans their unique QR code - their badge is printed instantly - their now checked-in and can enter the event.

Average check-in time of 8 seconds with Sine

For any event, the check-in process is critical. It’s the first thing attendees experience when they turn up and it sets their mood for the entire event.

With the help of the Sine + Eventbrite integration, the entire event was a huge success!

Normally, an event that has 1,200 attendees, check-in would be a nightmare but we were able to bring the check-in time down to just 50 minutes for all attendees with an average check-in time of 8 seconds per person.

“Sine were a huge help with our check-in process. Registering 1300 delegates in a short space of time was always going to be a challenge, by the Sine system and practical support of their staff made the process easy and efficient”

Mark Ryan, Executive Officer of CSA

The integration resulted in heaps of positive feedback, not only from the hosts and staff but from the attendees!

How does the Sine + Eventbrite integration work

The Sine + Eventbrite integration allows events to speed up and simplify their check-in process by making full use of QR codes.

With every ticket issued by Eventbrite, a unique QR code comes with it. The integration allows attendees to check-in using the QR code which then instantly prints their badge and records the check-in on the Sine dashboard.

*The Sine + Eventbrite integration may incur additional costs.