Fast track

Jump the queue with Fast Track

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on August 1, 2019

Let your guests securely experience life in the fast lane with our Fast Track solution. 

Pre-fill the details of your expected visitors before they arrive on site. Fast Track goes further and integrates with you and your guest’s Outlook to seamlessly link directly to your calendar. 

Your guests will never be late for an appointment again! 

Visitor information is pushed from the Sine platform making the experience fast and efficient. Your expected guests will receive a Fast Track code tied into an invitation that will allow them to enter your site seamlessly and effortlessly at the touch of a button. 

The benefits of Fast Track

Sine’s Fast Track feature lets you pre-fill the details of your visitors right from the web. Sine will automatically the visitor with a unique 6-digit pin and QR code that can be scanned upon arrival, or printed beforehand. 

The pin or QR code can be used to fast track check-in. Have the option to customise a message and have it included in the Fast Track email sent to your guests. 

Run your workplace off ‘invite-only’

Fast Track invites can be set for whatever time duration you like. Passes can last for 1 hour to 1 year or longer. Keep your site controlled and set your site up, specifically in the case of contractors, to be invite only. In this instance, contractors will need to be invited via a Fast Track email in order to check-in to your premise. 

Clear up your foyer when large groups are expected on site

Avoid long queues in your foyer and keep your front reception area clear by pre-inviting multiple invites at once. 

Use the dashboard to directly invite your expected visitors who won’t need to spend time filling in their details, freeing up the iPad for any unexpected check-ins that may arrive at the same time as your scheduled event. 

Use Fast Track for streamlined events

Take advantage of Sine at your next event by uploading your guest list into the dashboard and all of your guests will receive an email with their check-in pass before they arrive.

Use Fast Track invite to automatically have invitations expire within a certain time period. Set the parameters to match your event so you can be sure that latecomers cannot enter after a certain time. 

Directly notify hosts at the arrival of their guests

Pre-fill planned appointments including hostnames. Hosts will automatically be notified once an invited guest checks-in using their Fast Track code. 

The life cycle of Fast Track codes

  1. A meeting is set via your email platform as per usual except this time you copy in Sine.
  2. An email is automatically sent to the invitee with their unique fast-track QR code.
  3. 15 minutes prior to the meeting a reminder email is sent to the invitee with their unique fast-track QR code.
  4. On arrival, the invitee scans their QR code.
  5. The host is notified of their arrival.
  6. The meeting happens.