Blog Tips and tools to manage on site contractors effectively

Tips and tools to manage on-site contractors effectively

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on July 21, 2022

The number of people operating as contractors is skyrocketing, and more companies are contracting out jobs to outside entities when they require part-time expertise or need to keep down salary costs. Contractors (and subcontractors) have long been part of the construction industry, and businesses can learn a lot from how construction companies have managed their on-site contractors in the past.

When companies invite contractors onto their job sites, questions of liability, compliance, and safety arise - just to name a few. Below, we'll look at what factors you need to consider and the kinds of tools you might need to help your company manage contractors on-site effectively.

contractor management system

Why it's important to keep track of contractors

It's easy to assume that contractors play by their own set of rules and are simply temporary members of your job site. But in reality, contractor tracking may be required to ensure that these guests are fully informed and monitored.

Here are just some of the things a contractor tracking system can do to help companies manage contractors on site:

  • Facilitate contractor arrival
  • Ensure their timesheets are accurate
  • Check and record their credentials
  • Verify that they are trained in the relevant safety procedures
  • Confirm that they're familiar with site rules and setting up onboarding meetings, if necessary
  • Monitor their vaccine status or familiarity with local public health regulations
  • Deny entrance to contractors who no longer have permission to be on site

Worksite compliance applies to everyone on site, so managers must ensure that their contractors don't pose liability issues or create an unsafe workplace for other employees. Luckily, there are tools that help organize these tasks.

Tools for managing on-site contractors

Introducing new or temporary staff to a workplace typically requires an induction procedure. This often includes:

  • Verifying permits, licenses, and experience
  • Collecting confirmation that contractors agree to abide by site policies
  • Disseminating safety information and emergency guidelines, including providing personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary
  • Putting them in touch with employees who will supervise their work and answer questions
  • Introducing them to any on-site technology that allows them to gain access to work sites or limits their access to certain areas
  • Granting site access

If your company manages multiple contractors, it can be challenging to handle induction using paper methods. That's why a visitor management system (VMS) such as Sine's allows site managers to automate much of this work.

Tools for managing and monitoring multiple contractors

A VMS can automate many facets of contractor management to ensure contractors are prepared for and monitored on a worksite. These systems also help contractors move smoothly through a site to maximize their work time.

In addition to induction protocols, VMS software can also be equipped to:

  • Allow smart devices to be scanned for entrance into the site or its secure areas
  • Alert contractors to emergencies when they're on site
  • Track their movements with geofencing in case they need to be located
  • Track entry and exit times to confirm working hours
  • Immediately report incidents, accidents, or exposures and aid in later investigations
  • Use live messaging to get information on the spot for maximum productivity
  • Monitor compliance in real-time

If your company hires and manages independent contractors, you'll likely want to employ a system that can record and securely store information gathered during contractor visits. That way, you can track any incidents and generate reports that help you maintain compliance and find room for improvement in the future.

Remove the hassle of chasing qualifications and keep your workforce compliance up to date with Sine Workflows.

Reviewing contractor management systems for safety, transparency, and compliance

Whether you manage multiple contractors at once or change contractors intermittently, it's crucial to look back and assess the success of your contractor tracking system. This is why Sine offers tools to aid in contractor reviews, such as Workflows that aid in real-time workforce compliance.

When a company outsources some of its work to contract workers or subcontractors, contractor management software can help companies ensure the integrity of the work site as well as the completion of financial and insurance documents, safety training, and other compliance procedures. By automating these tasks using a visitor management system, organizations can manage contractors with maximum efficiency without interrupting the flow of a regular work day.

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