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New features coming to Sine in June

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on June 28, 2020


As the first half of 2020 rapidly comes to a close, Sine is releasing five new features; site approvers, pre-filling for rejected responses, autosave responses, team scoped hosts and email or mobile required.

Site Approvers

Managing compliance and inductions for national or multi-site companies is simpler than ever with Sine Workflows. With Site Approvers, contractors can select the relevant sites they are completing the workflow for and, once completed, the relevant team members across your various sites will be notified of the completion.

The ‘Site Approver’ role is similar to the existing ‘Workflows Approver’, but instead of seeing all responses to a workflow, they will be able to view and approve a given workflow based on the sites they are assigned to.

Pre-fill rejected responses

We’ve now made it easier for contractors to resubmit responses to workflows if they’re rejected by pre-filling responses the second time around.

In the past, a rejected workflow would require the contractor to complete all the questions within a workflow again. Now, with Pre-fill Rejected Responses, if a response is rejected, they will be able to view their response from their rejection email, with notes as to why the rejection happens, and then be able to click 'Resubmit' which will take them to the workflow with their previous responses pre-filled. Enabling them to quickly locate the issue, fix, and resubmit.

Autosave responses

Some workflows can be long and in some circumstances, contractors may not be able to complete them in one go. With Autosave Responses, contractors will now be able to pick up where they left off.

There are two ways to access Autosave Responses, responses will be saved when a user has been active on a workflow for 30 seconds or when a draft has been loaded and continued. The draft responses can then be accessed by the user from their drafts folder on the Sine Workflows dashboard.

Team Scoped Hosts

‘Team Scoped Hosts’ are hosts that are assigned to a team rather than a site. They function the same as a site host would when selected by guests or in invites, but they are available across all sites on a team.

In the Sine dashboard, a ‘team’ is a group of sites that you can assign to share the same hosts between them. 

Team Scoped Hosts are used like regular hosts, but they are available across all sites on the same team. This is a great way for companies to manage staff who work across multiple offices or sites without the need to set up the same person as a host at each site they may work at. 

Once created, a team scoped host will be available on the “Hosts” page, separate from the lists of Site hosts (who are assigned to specific sites). Your Team Scoped Hosts are assigned to groups just like regular site hosts and, from a visitor’s perspective, work the same.

For more information about Team Scoped Hosts, visit the Help Desk.

Email or mobile required

These days, at the very least, everyone has an email address or mobile number, but when you’re trying to choose which should be the required identification field for your visitors how do know which option is the most universally applicable?

The new ‘Email or Mobile Required’ option is perfect for just that. You want to keep your check-in process as simple as possible for visitors, so require both when you’re happy with just one? With ‘Email or Mobile Required’ enabled, visitors can provide whichever of these unique identifiers they would prefer to disclose.

It’s as simple as that.

Ensure you’re getting the most out of Sine for your workplace. Visit the Help Desk for more information on these features and many more!