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Strengthen site security with Sine's ID scanning solution

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on January 17, 2022

More than ever, businesses are investing in robust ID scanners that make it easier to identify visitors while providing traceable and practical access control solutions.

At the same time, it is also imperative to understand the nature of the data you are managing when you scan a visitors' driver's license.

While you may think of driver's license scanning as something that just scrutinizes to make sure if a particular person has a valid ID or to verify their other details like age; in actuality, the scanner extracts all the information stored on an ID card.

This data may include an individual's date of birth, address, eye color, height, and sometimes even their Social Security number. For this reason, many enterprises are reluctant to deploy ID scanning solutions because of the data security challenges it brings with it.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the ID Scanning system you leverage protects all your visitor's data seamlessly.

With data security and safety being the foremost priority, Sine's ID Scanning seamlessly processes all your visitor's data directly on mobile devices. By providing an additional layer of employees and visitor protection alike, you can leverage the SinePoint Pro application to scan your visitor's ID details.

Leveraging secure ID scanning solutions

The primary goal of Sine's ID Scanning is to make the process easier by helping you access your visitor's information more reliably and quickly.

During check-in, you can capture your visitor's photo ID via the SinePoint Pro iPad app, which ensures clear identification.

With Sine's advanced digital mobile scanning technology, you can fetch all the data on drivers' licenses. There are various reasons organizations and businesses require this information. For example, license scanning can strengthen your security efforts, authenticate your visitor's identity on-premises and keep a record of it.

When visitors enter the building, they are required to show their valid U.S. driver's license for check-in on the iPad. After that, it scans the barcode on the visitor's ID and fetches its details on the iPad's scanning device.

Scanning stations and expired license notifications

Sine leverages the most effective Scanning Stations to maximize the ease of use and the scanning speed, which allows instant barcode scanning. It also includes ID license trays and provides simple positioning of the guest's ID.

Use Sine to find Scanning Station hardware options such as wall, desk, and floor mounted machines compatible with a range of printers.

Sine offers automated ID Checks that detect any expired IDs, ensuring that only the latest and valid IDs get approved without manual interference. This gives you a bird's eye view of anyone who goes in and out of premises as you recognize unauthorized visitors in real-time.

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Scanning U.S. driver's licenses

Sine's mobile ID scanning & verification allows you to get comprehensive information on your visitor by scrutinizing their U.S. driver's license when they arrive. When the ID Check scans a U.S. Driver's license, Sine's system only extracts the visitor's first and last name and stores the card expiry.

Moreover, the visitor's images aren't saved because Sine's ID Check doesn't store any information evaluated during driver's license scanning. Also, it only fetches essential details for the purpose of facilitating a convenient, seamless, and safe check-in experience.

For such a small space, your drivers' license comprises a lot of important data: name, address, license number, medical info, etc. Sine ensures that you can create and maintain a safe working space without compromising the privacy of your visitors.

Avoid long queues

Sine Pro allows you to implement strict check-in measures for all the contractors, visitors, employees, or any other guests who enter your facility by keeping the security and safety of the workplace at the forefront.

The app's geo-fencing feature helps you create your facility's virtual perimeter, enabling frequent visitors to check-in and out seamlessly. With Sine, you can also send users a notification to remind them to check out.

Furthermore, when you check in with your Sine Pro app, you can print your badge instantly. You just need to get your badge when you arrive and skip the hassle of long queues. It's ideal for usually busy sites.

Go paperless with precision

Sine will notify you when you arrive and leave from the site and reminds you to check-in and check-out.

It also helps you validates visitors' attendance through QR codes that come in handy when you don't have an iPad. Its verification process provides an additional layer of security to contractor and visitor management processes.

Receive automated updates in real-time via SMS, email when your visitors, managers, employees, etc., enter the facility. You can choose to approve permits, reject or accept guests and closely track who is on-site.

Fortify security and increase efficiency in the workplace

The advanced agility of mobile scanning technology also enables you to set up impromptu ID verifications and get instant alerts. Proactively approach and overcome potential bottlenecks in your visitor management and scanning processes. Mobile ID scanning and verification with Sine has made the procedure simple and intuitive while ensuring your visitors' and employees' wellbeing.

Instant processing and data scanning allow you to digitize your data and reduce the redundant costs of additional resources such as storage and paper. With Sine, you can get your data immediately in your company's database, ready for use from the time you scan it. As a result, you can also optimize your business workflows and processes.

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