We all appreciate a host who goes above and beyond to ensure that our experience, as their guest, is as warm, as welcoming, and as easy to navigate as possible. From the moment we are invited to attend a meeting or an event, through to our arrival and greeting, it’s the small things that make our lives easier, that let us know we are important and that make us feel truly welcome and valued. By implementing a digital visitor management system like Sine, paired with an effective invite feature, hosts rest assured that every potential customer or client can receive the same high-quality service and experience.

Sine’s digital visitor management software is a host’s perfect match, helping them enhance customer service by providing a smooth check-in experience for their guests. There are a variety of ways that Sine utilizes the art of the invite, no matter the scale of your operations. Sine’s digital visitor management software can invite your guests to your premises or event, using either the Sine web dashboard or by using Sine for Outlook. Hosts can send custom invites to expected visitors for a meeting, event or to perform contractor work from the web dashboard. The invitation can include a specific message to the visitor, as well as any custom internal notes, visible only to those with authorized access inside your organization, such as an instruction to your Administration Team to provide the visitor with a parking permit when they arrive.

Prior to your guests’ arrival, Sine’s digital visitor management system allows you to pre-register their details into the sign-in system, granting your visitors faster entry with less hassle. For visitors who have been pre-registered, there are three quick and easy ways for them to sign-in:

#1 – Use the ‘Fast Track Invite’ option on the iPad kiosk
#2 – Download the free Sine Pro mobile app on their IOS or Android device and sign-in using their smart phone.
#3 – Have the front-of-house team sign them in using the web dashboard. These three options give your guests the ability to sign-in quickly and efficiently, saving them time and creating a valuable first impression in the process.

If your workplace requires that visitors wear name badges, these can be pre-printed for your guests prior to their arrival, helping to cut down both queues and wait times. Simply go into the Invitations tab on the Sine web dashboard, select the guests you wish to pre-print name badges for and print them off.

Fast Track QR: Invite special guests to your site with instant access

The Fast-Track feature lets your guests securely experience life in the fast lane where it allows you to pre-fill the details of your visitors right from the web, including their first name, email, and which Host they are here to see. An automatic email (with the option to customize the message) is sent to the visitor containing a unique 6-digit pin and QR code which is scanned or entered upon arrival to fast track their check-in.

What are the advantages of the Fast Track feature?

  • Run smoother events
  • Uphold a clear and covid safe reception area
  • Run your workplace off ‘invite only’
  • Eliminating manual processes needed to facilitate visitor arrival

By working with you to create an experience for your guests’ that is warm, welcoming and easy, Sine can make scheduling meetings and events easy and efficient. From issuing the initial invitation to signing your guests in and providing them with a pre-prepared name badge, Sine has your back so that you can make that preeminent impression upon everyone you invite to walk though your door.

Find out how Sine can help create an unforgettable visitor experience and book a demo with our team.