In the same way that smart phones can be used to sign in with a single tap against your front-desk iPad, QR posters can be used in instances when you do not want, or cannot have, an iPad at a particular location.

Remote sites, mining sites and unmanned sites are all examples of locations where it would be inconvenient and impractical to have an iPad available for contractors and workers to sign in with; in these instances, a poster containing a QR code can be located at the entry point instead.

QR codes are similar to barcodes in that they are black and white codes that can be scanned by a machine (in this instance, a smart-phone) in order to obtain or provide information. QR codes are displayed in a square format and can be read by the camera of your visitor’s smart-phone. When used on posters, these codes enable your visitors to check-in and out quickly and easily by simply scanning the QR code with the camera of their smart-phone whilst in a 3G or 4G zone or whilst utilising a Wi-Fi connection.

A simple, three-step process enables your visitors to sign-in using Sine’s software:

  1. Download the Sine app on Android or iPhone.
  2. Register their profile (first time only).
  3. Scan QR code to sign in and out.

From that point onwards they will be able to scan in and out of your locations with ease.

Industrial sites, warehouses and remote sites are all excellent candidates for QR code technology, but so too are infrastructure assets.
Resources and items such as pits and poles for power and telecommunications companies can also be tagged with QR codes, ensuring that these assets, their servicing and their use are all able to be tracked and reported upon easily and efficiently.

Scalable from just a handful of sites and assets, to thousands, Sine’s software is a cost-effective alternative to managing remote sites and infrastructure assets. Giving you the ability to know who is where, when, and using which assets in real-time, with a peerless ability to generate reports easily across your entire portfolio of sites and assets, Sine is easy to use, cost-effective, secure and efficient.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to request a demo and see how Sine can help you to manage your remote sites.